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Classes Begin Monday, PELL In Bookstores NOW!

GNTC students can charge against their PELL Awards right now in any GNTC Campus Bookstore! Classes begin online and on all campuses Monday, January 7.
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Castaneda-Vasquez Wins Mike Rowe Scholarship

MikeRoweWorks Travel Scholarships help national SkillsUSA qualifiers afford the expense of traveling to the National SkillsUSA Competition in Louisville, Kentucky each year.

NORBERTO!!! Congratulations to Norberto Castaneda-Vasquez for being named one of the $1,000 MikeRoweWorks Travel Scholarship winners. The award will help pay expenses to travel to the SkillsUSA National Competition in Louisville, Kentucky next month.
Good luck to our entire SkillsUSA Nationals team headed to Louisville next month for a chance at a national title!#GetFocusedGetHired

GNTC – Honoring The Fallen

Get Ready For Your Career!

Wednesday, May 29 – Take part in a Job Readiness Workshop from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in Room 6101 on the Walker County Campus. The workshop is open to anyone who wants to attend. Instructors, feel free to bring your class to the workshop!

Calhoun’s Dual Enrollment Six-Pack, Early Childhood Majors Graduate From GNTC

Mrs. Kelly Fuquea’s Early Childhood Care and Education Dual Enrollment students participated in the GNTC graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 9th at the Forum in Rome. We are very proud of each of these young ladies and look forward to watching them continue to exceed the black and gold standard of excellence!

Pictured Left to Right: Anna Georgia, Ella Bennett, Ashley Vasquez, Adrianna Resendez, Brooke Fowler, and Jocelyn Cisneros.

Sonoraville senior heads to college early

Courtesy: Alexis Draut, Calhoun Times – Calhoun, Georgia

Sonoraville salutatorian Anna Trantham.

Anna Trantham might be the salutatorian for Sonoraville’s 2019 graduating class, but that isn’t all she is. Trantham has also earned her Gold Award in Girl Scouts, played on the tennis team and has actually already moved to college.

Earlier in May, Trantham moved to Auburn, where she will spend her undergraduate career and extend her education past her bachelor’s, as she plans to attend Auburn’s college of veterinarian medicine. When asked why she moved almost four months earlier than her high school classmates, Trantham said she wanted to find a job, get used to campus, and to get ready for a few summer classes she’s enrolled to take.

This senior isn’t like the average high school student – this year, she’s been taking primarily dual enrollment classes at GNTC and Dalton State University, which creates an unusual schedule for her. Trantham has loved school for as long as she can remember, and said though she’s enjoyed high school, she’s ready for college.

Prior education

Trantham said she knew she loved learning when, during summer breaks from school, she asked her dad to make up math questions to keep her entertained.

“That’s kind of when I knew,” Trantham said, laughing.

And throughout her education, she’s always thrived when she’s being challenged. In fact, going into her freshman year, she challenged herself to be the best student she could be, aiming to be at the top of her class. Over the past four years, while juggling sports, Girl Scouts, church involvement and her part-time job at Calhoun Pet Care, she’s always put academics first.

“I love learning, I love being challenged and doing projects and meeting people,” Trantham said. “I love the conversations academics start with people.”

Yet, school hasn’t always been a walk in the park for Trantham. She recalled when she took AP Biology, and had to take the class online since Sonoraville didn’t offer the class. But turning that experience around to benefit her, Trantham said it gave her a taste for what college courses could be like.

And having finished her high school career in mid-May, a couple weeks before her peers finished classes, Trantham said she feels she is prepared for college life – and ready to start working toward her dream career of being a veterinarian.

Looking forward

Though Trantham has completed one chapter of her educational journey, she still has a way to go. Aspiring to be a small and large animal vet, Trantham will be attending Auburn University, starting with summer classes beginning in May, and is looking forward to many years of school.

“I recently learned my dad wanted to be a vet until he realized how much school was involved,” Trantham said. “But I love school.”

With relatives who have graduated from Auburn before, Trantham is fairly familiar with the campus, and is not worried or nervous about moving to Alabama for school. Her supervisor at Calhoun Pet Care is also an Auburn graduate and is planning to help Trantham find a job at a vet’s office near campus.

While some of the fear of college comes from moving somewhere new, Trantham said this next part of her life is something she has highly anticipated.

“I’ll miss high school and Calhoun in that it’s so small and comfortable here and I know everyone,” she said. “But I’m excited to start over a little bit and to have to learn my way around again. It’s terrifying but I think it’s exciting, too.”

Trantham feels prepared in part because all she’s learned through being a Girl Scout and Venturers, the Scout’s co-ed program. Through earning certifications and completing various assigned projects, Trantham has learned how to cook, clean, budget and how to live independently in many different aspects. This high school senior has put in so much work to be where she is now, not only as salutatorian but as a fresh Auburn student who’s trying to get ahead of the game. And having her future partially planned out, she knows she can take what she’s learned in Gordon County Schools and use it in her eventual career – but not before speaking at her high school graduation

Online Work Ranked Among Tops in Nation

GNTC one of nation’s most affordable online options when it comes to college education!

Dual Enrollment student named Valedictorian at NW Georgia high school

Dual Enrollment student named Valedictorian at NW Georgia high school!

Read the story at

The Whitfield Murray Campus Expansion – Are You Ready?

Honoring The Fallen May 27

ALL CAMPUSES CLOSED on May 27 in honor of Memorial Day 2019.

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