Hixson’s Boyd Inks With Cats Country

           Walker County, Georgia) – “He’s as good a basketball player as I’ve seen come through Chattanooga in a very long time,” said Chattanooga A.A.U. Boys’ Head Basketball Coach Jim Frazier at Georgia Northwestern’s signing of 6-foot-5 Randy Boyd.

            The standout post player from Hamilton County, Tennessee joins recent GNTC signees Robbie Chitwood (Dade Co.), Houston Moon (Dade Co.), and Brandon Pratt (East Hamilton) as the newest members of the GNTC Bobcat Men’s Basketball Program. GNTC Head Men’s Basketball Coach David Stephenson continues spending this summer picking up top talent from the region.

             “We lost our leading scorer after this past season in Kyle Wilson who is on his way to play for Berry College,” said Stephenson. “Kyle was a slasher. I really see Randy as a slasher. We have gone a while without a really solid small forward. I truly believe Randy is that.” Wilson was GNTC’s all-time leading scorer, as well as the all-time leading scorer from Armuchee High School two years ago.

            Boyd is an all-region player from Hixson High School. Last year’s Wildcat was listed among the best senior prep hoop standouts in the state of Tennessee. A double-digit scorer and regional honoree for his on-court prowess every year since his sophomore year with the Wildcats, Boyd gives his new “Cats” something they need.

“He’s used to scoring from inside,” said Stephenson. “At Hixson, he was half of a pair of big men who helped that team perform well in Tennessee’s 6-AA.” Wildcat D’Monta Smith served as the other half of the high school duo which made things tough for opponents in 2011. “He’s a star athlete and people are going to lock-in on him on and off the court,” said Frazier.

“Coach Frazier and Coach Stephenson are very much father figure types to me,” said Boyd shortly after he signed. “When I first spoke with Coach Stephenson about meeting with him, he insisted that he meet with my parents, too. It showed he cared. I liked that.” Boyd played AAU ball out of Chattanooga for five years, first travelling with the team in his eighth grade year. “The kid can play,” said Frazier.

During one particular league game, Frazier recalls catching up with an old friend he hadn’t seen in some time. “Randy was clear on the other side of the court and was forced to launch one of those LeBron James-esque shots and dropped it,” said Frazier. “A short time later, a teammate of his hit a half-court shot at the buzzer. My friend asked me where I was getting these guys.”

Randy has always wanted to play the next level of basketball after college. “He has the size, the speed, and the game to do it,” said Frazier. “He flat out doesn’t like to lose. He comes to play. You don’t have to ask him to play. He’ll bring his game.”

However, it’s Randy’s other goal that really caught Stephenson’s attention. “He said he wants to open his very own clothing store,” said Stephenson. “If he prioritizes everything right, he could have it all.”

Boyd’s first memory of playing basketball was as a pre-schooler back in his hometown of Battle Creek, Michigan. “I’d play with my sister, LaBresha, and my cousin, James,” said Boyd. “I actually didn’t play organized basketball until after my family moved to Chattanooga before my eighth grade year and I went to Hixson.”        

            Among the all-region and all-city honors Boyd earned during his years at Hixson, he looks favorably on a game as a sophomore at Chattanooga Central High School (TN). “I set the school rebound record that day with 29,” said Boyd. “We had a lot of shooters and a lot of first shots not falling. I was just really fortunate and worked hard.”

            These days, Boyd is working hard at Downtown Chattanooga’s Buffalo Wild Wings as a host. “I’m taking this time before college to make some money and have what I need for the fall,” said Boyd. “Coach (Frazier) always says to just smile and always be courteous or you’ll put off a bad vibe. That helped me in ball. But it helps me at work, too. Get more tips that way.”

            As the prep star gets ready to make his way through the junior college ranks, Boyd is already leaving a lasting impression on his future coach. “I feel he will be a good fit not only in skill level, but in character, too,” said Stephenson. “That’s most important to me. I feel Randy is a good fit for what we are trying to do at GNTC.”

            In a signing which saw more than a dozen of his family members present, it was easy to see that family is a big priority for Randy. “He’ll humble himself to those who teach and lead him,” said Robert Boyd, Randy’s father. “When push comes to shove, Randy is a stand-up person. He does what’s right.” Those words appeared to be the consensus of the entire family, too.

            Official tryouts for men’s and women’s varsity basketball at Georgia Northwestern will take place after the fall semester begins August 22. Practices will begin October 1.             

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