A new Green Building Technician program has been launched at Georgia Northwestern Technical College’s (GNTC) Gordon County Campus. Registration is currently underway for the first semester of instruction.


The Green Building Technician program introduces students to the tenets and practices behind the sustainable construction movement. The program is primarily based around the residential construction industry.  Students are introduced to the methods and philosophies behind green building, energy efficient mechanical systems, energy measures and monitoring, as well as green building construction techniques.  Students entering the program will learn various energy efficient techniques and retrofits that can be made to existing homes.


According to Donny Holmes, director of Construction Management and instructor of the Green Building program at GNTC, the program was developed as a result of the decline of the economy a few years ago when the residential construction sector of the industry slowed down.  “New home building is not where it used to be, but there is a big increase in the “green building” sector of the construction industry,” stated Holmes.  “Homeowners want to know how they can save money with what they have.”


The Green Building Technician program prepares students to continue on with more green and energy efficiency classes at GNTC then pursue additional certifications, such as Building Performance Institute (BPI) or Home Energy Rating System (HERS) certification.  Graduates completing the Green Building program, as well as additional certifications have job opportunities including energy auditors, building analysts, home performance auditors, and residential energy specialists, just to name a few. 


According to Holmes, energy efficiency and green building techniques are becoming a popular topic of discussion.  “With many incentives and rebates in place with companies like Georgia Power, many homeowners want to learn what they can do to their house to make it energy efficient and then how to make it happen,” said Holmes.


The program at GNTC offers a technical certificate of credit as a Green Building Technician.  The curriculum includes courses in Introduction to Green Building; Energy Measures and Efficiency; Energy Efficient Mechanical Systems; and Green Building Construction Techniques.


Holmes added, “Today most people are not building new homes, they are staying put with what they have. The homeowner wants to know what changes they can make to their existing house that will help save them money on their utility bills.  This certificate will introduce them to the energy efficiency measures that can be made on their homes.”


For more information on GNTC’s Green Building Technician program, contact Donny Holmes at 706-624-1147.