SPRING 2014 Commencement Ceremony

Southern Ceremony


Thursday, May 29, at 7 p.m.


The Forum, Rome Georgia

On Thursday, May 29, 2014 Georgia Northwestern Technical College (GNTC) will hold a commencement ceremony at 7 p.m. at the Forum in Rome, Georgia. GNTC will present graduates with degrees, diplomas, and certificates for summer 2013, fall 2013, and spring 2014.

Invocation will be led by Tom Bojo, dean of Academic Affairs at GNTC, and C. Pete McDonald, president of GNTC, will welcome guest and introduce the keynote speaker.

Todd Murphy, vice president of manufacturing at the HNI Corporation, is the keynote speaker for the evening.

Paul Carter, associate vice president of Academic Affairs at GNTC, will recognize High Honor and Honor graduates and Melinda McCannon vice president of Academic Affairs at GNTC will present graduates with degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

GNTC held a Northern location commencement ceremony on May 8. Graduates from both the Northern and upcoming Southern commencement ceremonies include:

Associate of Applied Science

Kristina L. Abercrombie, Business Administrative Technology
Angel P. Altschuler, Business Management
Ashlynn G. Anderson, Social Work Assistant
Jadda E. Armer, Aviation Maintenance Technology
Leah S. Ashmore, Respiratory Care Technology
David D. Banther, Networking Specialist
Amanda Gail Barbee, Early Childhood Care and Education
Andrea L. Battles, Accounting
Jennifer D. Baxter, Early Childhood Care and Education
Christina Marie Bean, Business Management
Emily G. Bearden, Surgical Technology
Kimberly Alisa Bell, Business Management
Amanda Lynn Bickham, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Susan Marie Bowman, Business Administrative Technology
Susan Marie Bowman, Health Information Technology
Joan Jolly Brady, Culinary Arts
Brittney N. Brogdon, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Christina Lyn Brooks, Early Childhood Care and Education
Rhonda Leigh Brooks, Social Work Assistant
Kaylie E. Brookshire, Medical Assisting
Kirk Lawrence Brown, Computer Support Specialist
Kirk Lawrence Brown, Networking Specialist
Lashaunda Brown, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Tabitha Hope Brown, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Gary Doyle Bruce, Social Work Assistant
Ashley Darcell Bryant, Early Childhood Care and Education
Emily F. Callicott, Business Administrative Technology
Donna M. Cantlon, Health Information Technology
Monica Lea Carroll, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Delores Ann Cathey, Criminal Justice
Latalia Y. Chambers, Criminal Justice
Brittany Michelle Chapman, Radiologic Technology
Sylvia Quantrell Coffey, Early Childhood Care and Education
Holly Baker Coker, Radiologic Technology
Briana Cook, Criminal Justice
Clara E. Cook, Radiologic Technology
Valerie L. Cook, Business Management
Bryan P. Croy, Criminal Justice
Mary A. Curry, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Brittney Denise Daughtry, Early Childhood Care and Education
Selena Davenport, Echocardiography
Dayna Michelle Davidson, Radiologic Technology
Crystal Ann Davis, Medical Assisting
Ethel Sharon Davis, Business Administrative Technology
Shamara L. Davis, Business Administrative Technology
Tammy Michelle Davis, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Melinda DeWind, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Nikia L. DeWitte, Computer Support Specialist
Victoria M. Deal, Health Information Technology
Maria Carmen Diaz, Culinary Arts
Marquita Kenydna Dorsey, Business Administrative Technology
Karen Driggers, Echocardiography
Tammy Lynn Earwood, Respiratory Care Technology
Robin L. Eaton, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Marie LeeAnn Eldridge, Business Management
Stephanie Nichole Elrod, Criminal Justice
Pamela Evans, Culinary Arts
Marisol Flores, Criminal Justice
Linda C. Fonseca, Culinary Arts
Linda C. Fonseca, Early Childhood Care and Education
Linda Fontana, Culinary Arts
Corey Lee Forrest, Internet Specialist Web Site Design
Emily Lauren Gann, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Ambur B. Gibson, Health Information Technology
Laura Ann Grigg, Business Management
Naoko Hall, Vascular Technology
Autumn Leann Hampton, Radiologic Technology
Lindsay Dianne Hardin, Business Administrative Technology
Jan Denise Harmon, Early Childhood Care and Education
Rebecca Davis Hatfield, Health Information Technology
Tovah Nicole Hawkins, Horticulture
Anna C. Hayes, Business Administrative Technology
Andra Marie Heath, Radiologic Technology
Logan A. Hendricks, Business Management
Amanda Lee Hensley, Business Management
Ellen Grace Herren, Vascular Technology
Brandy Dawn Hill, Social Work Assistant
Brittany Skye Hill, Criminal Justice
Heather Dawn Holder, Vascular Technology
Alicia Denise Housch, Early Childhood Care and Education
John Phillip Housch, Business Management
Allison Marie James, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Christina C. James, Medical Assisting
Allison L. Johnson, Vascular Technology
Morgan Leigh Johnson, Business Management
Vivian L. Johnson, Early Childhood Care and Education
Kerry L. Jordan, Aviation Maintenance Technology
Angelia Hope Justice, Radiologic Technology
Jonathan D. Karpie, Vascular Technology
Darnita Kemp, Vascular Technology
Marla P. Kirksey, Health Information Technology
Elizabeth A. Knox, Social Work Assistant
Vicky Anne Laney, Marketing
Jeanette Nicole LeQuire, Health Information Technology
Nakita Mae Lieurance, Pharmacy Technology
Thomas Knox Lindsey, Business Administrative Technology
Kaylan Malone, Radiologic Technology
Lauren E. Maples, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Joyce Anjelia Maxwell, Business Administrative Technology
Rebecca Rae McCahan, Vascular Technology
Terrance Luciana McCluskey, Marketing
Forrest E. McCombs, Early Childhood Care and Education
Candace H. Mondaca, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Danielle Rae Moore, Radiologic Technology
Brenda Madisen Morgan, Business Administrative Technology
William Ballard Mount III, Business Management
Simona Blagovestova Nacheva, Health Information Technology
Tiffany Marie Nevins, Surgical Technology
Alexandria N. Nicholson, Medical Assisting
Christy Nicholson, Criminal Justice
Robyn A. Olds, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Sarah Danielle Oswalt, Medical Assisting
Stephanie K. Owenby, Respiratory Care Technology
Tanya M. Paini, Early Childhood Care and Education
Natasha D. Peace, Early Childhood Care and Education
Kendra Danielle Peek, Radiologic Technology
Tamra F. Perkins, Health Information Technology
Crystal D. Pharr, Criminal Justice
Kodi D. Phillips, Early Childhood Care and Education
Phillip W. Plank, Jr., Business Management
Chris Michael Powell, Neuromuscular Therapist
Alana Price, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Rebecca Brock Price, Radiologic Technology
Danielle Pritchett, Business Administrative Technology
Heather Nicole Putnam, Early Childhood Care and Education
Shabnam Rajput, Early Childhood Care and Education
Heather Nicole Rapp, Respiratory Care Technology
Kim Marie Raulerson, Radiologic Technology
Dennis V. Reeder, Industrial Systems Technology
Oscar Leonel Reyes, Business Management
Tabitha Ann Reynolds, Accounting
Christopher Rice, Aviation Maintenance Technology
Ashley R. Ridge, Radiologic Technology
April Elizabeth Riggs, Criminal Justice
Beulah Lawanna Robbins, Radiologic Technology
Francis Marie Roberts, Business Administrative Technology
Candice Yvonne Robinson, Radiologic Technology
Chelsie A. Russell, Health Information Technology
Jessica Lee Russell, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Anna Leigh Rutledge, Culinary Arts
Kristen Lynn Satterfield, Vascular Technology
Savannah J. Schwartz, Social Work Assistant
Gina Willene Scoggins, Respiratory Care Technology
Fauntine E. Scott, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Shelly Neighbors Shealey, Health Information Technology
Kelly Karlyn Sigler, Echocardiography
Jennifer Lynn Smith, Radiologic Technology
Kaylen Ann Smith, Vascular Technology
Wendy Wynette Smith, Business Management
Erin E. Staples, Business Management
Tawny Dorton Taylor, Radiologic Technology
Anthony Brett Thomas, Networking Specialist
Freda D. Thompson, Business Management
Samantha Urbano, Criminal Justice
Ariacne Cervants Vilchis, Business Administrative Technology
Jamie Marie Walker, Networking Specialist
Tyler Jacoby Ware, Criminal Justice
Kama Waters, Occupational Therapy Assistant
Adlynn Grace Watson, Business Management
Christy Michelle Wheeler McGinnis, Respiratory Care Technology
Jennifer Paige Whitley, Respiratory Care Technology
Louise S. Williamson, Echocardiography
Aleisha D. Wilson, Occupational Therapy Assistant
David Conner Wilson, Criminal Justice
Kimberly Wilson, Surgical Technology
Lillie O. Winders, Health Information Technology
Miyaka M. Wofford, Business Administrative Technology
Rebecca Michele York, Early Childhood Care and Education

Associate of Science in Nursing

Bridget Sue Brock
Riccy Shane Carroll
Candice Marie Clowers
Lavondreia Rojuan Dupree
Donna Lyn Early
Eunice L. Garcia Barbosa
Teresa Ann Gill
Julie Ann Hanson
Holly Ann Hennessee
Melissa Jean McAllister
Julia Arofuyeli Onebamoi
LaChrisha L. Simmons
Karissa Ann Smith
Shanda L. Spector
Amanda D. Tanksley
Melissa R. Worley


Dana Rasbury Amick, Business Administrative Technology
Amanda Maureen Anderson, Business Administrative Technology
Whitney V. Anderson, Pharmacy Technology
Ashlea Taylor Atkins, Cosmetology
Amber Lea Baldwin, Practical Nursing
Kaylon Banks, Dental Assisting
Kelsey Sue Bannister, Paramedicine
Shan-Tria L. Barkley, Medical Assisting
Buffy Barnette, Practical Nursing
Linda D. Baxter, Business Administrative Technology
Christina R. Beach, Medical Assisting
Justin I. Beard, Electrical Systems Technology
Phyllis A. Blackburn, Cosmetology
Joey Boatwright, Air Conditioning Technology
Hayli Meredith Brown, Practical Nursing
Monique Brown, Practical Nursing
Stephanie Brown, Practical Nursing
Tabetha Brown, Practical Nursing
Sherika L. Burdette, Medical Assisting
Brianna L. Burge, Dental Assisting
Brandi Nicole Burns, Practical Nursing
Kristina Diane Byars, Business Administrative Technology
Brandi Leigh Campbell, Practical Nursing
Brenda Nicole Campbell, Business Administrative Technology
Rhonda Frazier Cantrell, Practical Nursing
Thomas B. Cardin, Auto Collision Repair
Nellie Mae Carter, Business Administrative Technology
Oscar Mauricio Castaneda Bernal, Automotive Fundamentals
Shanice Lavon Chambers, Medical Assisting
Stacy C. Chamlee, Social Work Assistant
Melinda Champion, Business Administrative Technology
Juana L. Clark, Dental Assisting
Tiffany Annette Clark, Practical Nursing
Judith Dana Clinard, Business Administrative Technology
Natasha L. Collins, Dental Assisting
Debbie Cordle, Horticulture
Stephanie H. Cox, Practical Nursing
Laura Ashley Crabtree, Practical Nursing
Carmaneke Crawford, Business Administrative Technology
Tina Hadden Cremer, Medical Assisting
Caitlin Crowder, Cosmetology
Shelia A. Crunkelton, Practical Nursing
Theresa G. Darnell, Medical Assisting
Fletcher Davis, Air Conditioning Technology
Matthew E. Davison, Paramedicine
Scott Edward Dearborn, Paramedicine
Christina Marie Dew, Accounting
Bryan Dillard, Pharmacy Technology
Ethan Troy Dunson, Welding and Joining Technology
William O. Fairlamb, Welding and Joining Technology
Derek W. Floyd, Business Management
Mindy Forrest, Pharmacy Technology
Mary Bernice Franco, Business Administrative Technology
Hailey K. Freeman, Business Administrative Technology
Cherish Elizabeth Fuller, Practical Nursing
Johnny Garrett, Cosmetology
Yolanda Garrett-Hull, Business Administrative Technology
Bryce N. Gibson, Surgical Technology
Amanda S. Gonzalez, Neuromuscular Therapist
Amanda Dawn Goolsby, Practical Nursing
Onatara E. Gordon, Business Administrative Technology
Christopher D. Griffin, CNC Technology
Katie Samantha Grove, Surgical Technology
Heather Harris, Early Childhood Care and Education
Russell C. Hawkins, Pharmacy Technology
Eva K. Hensley, Cosmetology
Marisa L. Hicks, Practical Nursing
Elizabeth Anne Hilburn, Dental Assisting
Kody Heith Hill, Paramedicine
Bradley Marcus Hindmon, Paramedicine
Debra Holland, Business Management
Debra Holland, Business Administrative Technology
Holly Ann Hopkins, Surgical Technology
David Seth Hornbuckle, Electrical Systems Technology
Evelyn Mae Hudson, Computer Support Specialist
Morgan LeAnna Hughes, Business Administrative Technology
Shelly M. Humphrey, Business Management
Nina Jackson, Practical Nursing
Chandra P. Johnson, Culinary Arts
Amber N. Jones, Cosmetology
Tiffany Autumn Jones, Accounting
Lori A. Justice, Dental Assisting
Robert Kellis, Air Conditioning Technology
Zachary Tyrone Kidd, Air Conditioning Technology
Angela Michelle King, Dental Assisting
Amber Gossage Lee, Practical Nursing
Stephanie A. Lee, Practical Nursing
Heather Michelle Liles, Social Work Assistant
James Stewart Loveless, Jr., Culinary Arts
Leisha Nicole Malone, Medical Assisting
Jordan DeAnne Maloney, Practical Nursing
Melissa May Matthews, Practical Nursing
Rachel Lyn Matthews, Dental Assisting
Jessica L. May, Neuromuscular Therapist
Ideria Martiece McKnight, Neuromuscular Therapist
Bianca L. Mcclain, Dental Assisting
Andrew DeWayne Miles, Electrical Systems Technology
Alfred Jerome Milner, Air Conditioning Technology
Kendall Raylee Money, Medical Assisting
Amanda Moore, Early Childhood Care and Education
Miriam M. Morris, Practical Nursing
Amber L. Moseley, Dental Assisting
Stephanie Lundy Mosley, Business Administrative Technology
Gina Marle Mule, Social Work Assistant
Cybil Mullinax, Practical Nursing
Cara Ann Neill, Pharmacy Technology
Quincy E. O’ Mahony, Neuromuscular Therapist
Sarah Danielle Oswalt, Medical Assisting
Tammy M. Oswalt, Business Administrative Technology
Tammy Marie Ovalle, Early Childhood Care and Education
Jessica J. Overton, Practical Nursing
Whitney Owenby, Medical Assisting
Niresha Palmer, Cosmetology
Gina Michelle Pate, Business Administrative Technology
Tricia Ferguson Peace, Medical Assisting
Tanya Pearson, Business Administrative Technology
Tara F. Peden, Pharmacy Technology
Cassidy L. Phillips, Surgical Technology
Jordan Lesa Pledger, Cosmetology
Yasmine Briana Pollard, Cosmetology
Joshua Brian Queen, Welding and Joining Technology
Jeremy D. Quinn, Neuromuscular Therapist
Jesus O. Ramos, Practical Nursing
Amanda C. Ray, Dental Assisting
Amanda D. Rhinehart, Medical Assisting
Jessica Richardson, Practical Nursing
Ansley M. Rittenhouse, Cosmetology
Elaine T. Roberts, Criminal Justice
George K. Roberts, Aviation Maintenance Technology
Cindy Robinson, Practical Nursing
Emily Robinson, Cosmetology
Maria Delaluz Rodriguez, Medical Assisting
Britteny Anne Sanford, Cosmetology
Ashley Renee Satterfield, Business Administrative Technology
Donna C. Scott, Culinary Arts
Diana Monica Seay, Accounting
Matthew Seay, Criminal Justice
Kimberly Y. Shepherd, Practical Nursing
Jordan Shook, Cosmetology
Brittney Shortnacy, Practical Nursing
Jamie L. Sisson, Practical Nursing
Risha LaShawnda Stallings, Neuromuscular Therapist
Tondalaya Stevens, Culinary Arts
Haleigh Stocks, Business Administrative Technology
Robert C. Stokes, Welding and Joining Technology
Jennifer Taylor, Cosmetology
Lori Suzanne Thacker, Business Administrative Technology
Craig H. Thurman, CNC Technology
Craig H. Thurman, Machine Tool Technology
Alisha Krystyne Tinker, Pharmacy Technology
Elizabeth K. Tippitt, Welding and Joining Technology
Amanda Rachel Tollefson, Practical Nursing
Mari K. Turner, Surgical Technology
Lakresha Marqueahl Wade, Business Administrative Technology
Essie T. Wallace, Business Management
Yustina D. Ware, Business Administrative Technology
Tasha Nichole Watkins, Culinary Arts
Natasha M. Wells, Criminal Justice
Ratisha P. Wells, Practical Nursing
Christy N. Whatley, Neuromuscular Therapist
Jeremiah Wheatley, Auto Collision Repair
Nischa LaDawn Whitaker, Culinary Arts
Tara Rana White, Business Administrative Technology
David Brenton Wilkey, Paramedicine
Lavoris S. Williams, Welding and Joining Technology
Ashley E. Winters, Surgical Technology
Teresa Gail Wyatt, Horticulture
Judith Michelle Yoder, Culinary Arts
Hanna M. Young, Practical Nursing
Blanca Zamora-Garcia, Business Administrative Technology

Technical Certificate of Credit

Kristin Bailey, Phlebotomy Technician
Samantha Kay Baker, Welding
Devin B. Binkley, Phlebotomy Technician
Kristy Elaine Blackwood, Early Childhood
Erica S. Blair, Medical Front Office Assistant
Karen M. Boman, Nail Technician
Mary M. Braziel, Early Childhood
Kymberli Bush, Early Childhood
Carl E. Clark, Welding
Lawanda Denise Cochran, Phlebotomy Technician
Christine M. Crouch, Early Childhood
Bionca D. Curtis, Health Care Assistant
Courtney F. Davis, Phlebotomy Technician
Linsey Dean, Medical Coding
Katessa D. Dula, Phlebotomy Technician
Mateena M. Ellerbee, Commercial Truck Driving
Jamie Lee Fann, Patient Care Assistant
Thomasina Nicole Garrett, Phlebotomy Technician
James M. Gilliland III, Phlebotomy Technician
Ashley Leah Gossett, Early Childhood
Jasmine N. Hughes, Business Technologies
Samantha M. Jackson, Early Childhood
Amanda D. Kelley, Phlebotomy Technician
Anna Leigh Lambert, Emergency Medical Technician
Lindsey Danielle Lawson, Phlebotomy Technician
Danika A. Mitchell, Phlebotomy Technician
Brittny N. Morrison, Health Care Assistant
Dyneshia Danielle Ragland, Phlebotomy Technician
Barbara Richardson, Phlebotomy Technician
Azante’ M. Terrell, Certified Customer Service Specialist
Kara Brooke Thacker, Medical Front Office Assistant
Teresa Dawn Tucker, Medical Coding
Nakesia L. Turner, Medical Front Office Assistant
Megan B. Underwood, Health Care Assistant
Dominic S. Weems, Central Sterile Processing
Angela M. Wilson, Medical Front Office Assistant
Emily J. Womack, Early Childhood
Cassandra A. Zeiger, Phlebotomy Technician