“Approximately 200 Georgia Northwestern Technical College students received their graduation honors December 11 in a Fall Commencement Ceremony held at the Northwest Georgia Trade & Convention Center in Dalton, Georgia.”
“Approximately 200 Georgia Northwestern Technical College students received their graduation honors December 11 in a Fall Commencement Ceremony held at the Northwest Georgia Trade & Convention Center in Dalton, Georgia.”

Approximately 200 Students Earn Graduation Honors


Cutline: “J+J Flooring Group Corporate Vice President Louis Fordham delivers the commencement address at the 2014 Fall Graduation Ceremony in Dalton, Georgia December 11.”



(Dalton, Georgia) –  Georgia Northwestern Technical College President Pete McDonald conferred upon approximately 200 students their degree, diploma, and certificates of completion in a Fall 2014 Graduation Commencement Ceremony at the Northwest Georgia Trade & Convention Center in Dalton, Georgia December 11.

J+J Flooring Group Corporate Vice President Louis Fordham delivered the commencement address to the graduates, families, and friends in attendance. Georgia Northwestern currently holds two graduation ceremonies each calendar year. A fall ceremony is held in Dalton, Georgia each December and a spring ceremony is held at The Forum in Rome, Georgia each May.

Graduates taking part in the December 2014 ceremony earning an Associate’s Degree were as follows:

Sarah Elizabeth Abbott                         Early Childhood Care and Education

Nathan A. Anderson                             Internet Specialist-Web Site Design

Kaitlin A. Arrington                                 Early Childhood Care and Education

James Brian Atkins                                 Networking Specialist

Ashley D. Brown                                   Business Management

Brice Bryant                                           Computer Support Specialist

Catherine E. Bullington                           Health Information Technology

Ronald Dale Casey                                Accounting

Regina S. Casteel                                   Business Management

Isaac Celedon                                      Automotive Technology

Clancey Paige Cooper                          Business Administrative Technology

Haley Nicole Couey                             Surgical Technology

Amy R. Denson                                     Surgical Technology

Virginia Beatrice Everett                         Business Management

Lynn M. Garner                                      Early Childhood Care and Education

Brittany R. Gilliland                                 Medical Assisting

Aaron Allen Grant                                 Criminal Justice

Jamelle Griffin Preston                           Health Information Technology

Barbara Charlee Harris                           Business Administrative Technology

Tynsley Chantel Hartline                        Health Information Technology

Brittany M. Hartshorn                              Early Childhood Care and Education

Danielle T. Hayes                                  Health Information Technology

Amanda J. Hickman                               Early Childhood Care and Education

Mallory T. Hicks                                     Criminal Justice

Marcella Hooper                                  Business Management

Susan L. Hughes                                     Health Information Technology

Andreina Hurtado-Perez                       Business Management

Maritza Hurtado-Perez                          Criminal Justice

Rebecca A. Johnson                             Business Management

Patrick S. Keith                                       Drafting Technology

Donna Annette King                              Business Management

Charlotte A. Kinsey                                Early Childhood Care and Education

Zachary A. Lansdell                               Instrumentation and Controls Technician

Kasandra Denika Lumpkin                       Social Work Assistant

Care’reshai Antonia Mack                      Business Management

Elizabeth A. Mauldin                             Business Management

Amy McArthur                                      Health Information Technology

Molly J. McCarty                                   Accounting

Britany Lynn McTaggart                          Surgical Technology

Janelle V. Mickelson                              Accounting

Stephanie D. Montoya                           Early Childhood Care and Education

Ida Yesenia Morales Velasquez             Surgical Technology

Angela Faye Morrow                            Accounting

Joshua A. Morrow                                Industrial Systems Technology

Lisa Nicklous                                         Computer Support Specialist

Benelyn Vicki Nix                                  Social Work Assistant

Tabatha L. Palmer                                  Business Management

Elizabeth A. Parks                                  Accounting

Emmanuel Perdomo                              Automotive Technology

Buddy Dale Pevehouse                         Industrial Systems Technology

Dakota Jeb Ray                                     Instrumentation and Controls Technician

Calen Cox Roberson                             Instrumentation and Controls Technician

Janet Rodriguez                                    Business Management

Fabrice Michel Sainton                          Criminal Justice

Shanna N. Sanders                                Early Childhood Care and Education

Luis M. Santizo                                      Business Management

Danielle Self                                          Health Information Technology

Heath F. Smith                                       Fire Science Technology

James Harlan Smith Jr.                            Early Childhood Care and Education

Victoria L. Southerland                          Pharmacy Technology

Heather D. Spurgeon                             Social Work Assistant

Nora Maritza Suarez Smith                     Industrial Systems Technology

Kayla M. Sumner                                    Business Management

Phillip Thomas Sutton                            Business Management

William F. Swaim                                   Automotive Technology

Japhia Danielle Tarver                           Health Information Technology

David A. Tate                                        Industrial Systems Technology

Lisa Nicole Watson                               Accounting

Mark A. Wesson                                    Criminal Justice

Tyler R. Whitley                                     Instrumentation and Controls Technician

Phelan Whitson                                     Industrial Systems Technology

Harold E. Williams Jr.                             Industrial Systems Technology

Emily Jordan Kee Wilson                       Surgical Technology

Sydney D. Wittenbarger                        Health Information Technology

Zaki Bin Yahya                                       Networking Specialist

Graduates taking part in the December 2014 ceremony earning a Diploma were as follows:

Morgan L. Abernathy                             Practical Nursing

Alexis G. Adams                                   Practical Nursing

Brittany Nichole Adams                         Dental Assisting

Emilee Elizabeth Atkins                         Dental Assisting

Brittany A. Baines                                   Cosmetology

Juana Barrera                                         Medical Assisting

Scharla Powell Battle                             Practical Nursing

Taylor Kamille Bishop                            Cosmetology

Phyllis A. Blackburn                               Cosmetology

Kayla M. Blanco                                     Practical Nursing

Alicia Lynn Brown                                 Practical Nursing

Asheli S. Brown                                     Practical Nursing

Robyn Deanna Bryson                           Surgical Technology

Jessica N. Burns                                    Surgical Technology

Robert J. Burns                                      Computer Support Specialist

Sarah M. Carson                                    Practical Nursing

Jennifer Starr Case Ridley                       Business Management

Jennifer J. Chapman                              Marketing Management

Crystal Elaine Clough                             Practical Nursing

Sheritta L. Collins                                   Cosmetology

Abner Eliud Colocho-Ruiz                     Electrical Systems Technology

Brittany Nicole Cook                             Medical Assisting

Brandy Louise Cordell                           Cosmetology

Summer E. Craighead                            Practical Nursing

Megan L. Crawford                                Cosmetology

Jessica Cribb                                        Medical Assisting

Amy L. Croy                                          Cosmetology

Osie M. Deel                                        Medical Assisting

Christie Dixon                                       Cosmetology

Chelsey R. Dowdy                                Practical Nursing

Tania Drain                                            Business Management

Glenda Sue Edwards                            Cosmetology

Kandi Edwards                                     Medical Assisting

Amanda K. Ellison                                 Practical Nursing

Heidi B. Fosha                                       Cosmetology

Randi Nicole Fouts                                Medical Assisting

Julia M. Frazier                                       Business Administrative Technology

Jennifer Lynn Fuller                                Practical Nursing

Jonathan Funderburk                             CNC Technology

Kayla E. Gazaway                                  Practical Nursing

Andrea M. Gibson                                Medical Assisting

Emily Megan Giles                                 Practical Nursing

Ramsey Paula Godfrey                          Cosmetology

Haley Elizabeth Goodson                     Practical Nursing

Heidi L. Griffin                                       Practical Nursing

Tammy Kay Grimes                                EMS Professions

Elmira Mae Hanley                                 Practical Nursing

Ashley Nicolette Harris                         Medical Assisting

Whitney L. Headrick                              Surgical Technology

Bonnie J. Hidey Linkous                         Business Administrative Technology

Holly C. Holsomback                            Practical Nursing

Matthew G. Hooper                              Business Management

Douglas L. Howard                                Aviation Maintenance Technology

Melissa Leann Kelley                              Dental Assisting

Elizabeth Karin Kent                               Medical Assisting

Leslea R. King                                         Cosmetology

Sheila Joanne Kinsey                             Business Administrative Technology

Jamie R. Knight                                       Dental Assisting

Fallon L. Larmon                                     Cosmetology

Lucindia C. Larmon                                Cosmetology

Sarah B. Laymon                                    EMS Professions

Kevin Lilly                                              Welding and Joining Technology

Cassi E. Looney                                     Cosmetology

Natara S. Maddox                                 Business Administrative Technology

Tina S. Marshall                                      Business Administrative Technology

Hannah L. McAlpine                              Dental Assisting

Timothy Bryan McCollum                       Networking Specialist

Kelly Renae McGill                                 Surgical Technology

Belinda Millsap                                      Business Administrative Technology

Melissa K. Mitchell                                 Medical Assisting

Timberlee D. Mize                                 Practical Nursing

Audrey V. Moates                                 Dental Assisting

Pamela J. Morris                                    Medical Assisting

Cortney D. Mullinax                               Cosmetology

Megan Perry                                          Cosmetology

Kaneisha M. Phelps                                Cosmetology

Elizabeth Ann Pierce                             Practical Nursing

James Victor Pinet                                Surgical Technology

Brandie C. Prince                                   Dental Assisting

Taletha N. Quiroz                                  Dental Assisting

Tina Ragsdale                                        Cosmetology

Misty P. Roberson                                 Cosmetology

Christina Brooke Rogers                         Practical Nursing

Susan Sanzone                                      Business Administrative Technology

Ashley Renee Satterfield                       Business Administrative Technology

Ashley A. Scarbrough                           Medical Assisting

Kristina Maria Schaeffer                          Dental Assisting

Misty Tripp Shinall                                 Practical Nursing

David N. Sims                                       Electrical Systems Technology

Deron Jamel Sims                                  Construction Management

Andrew T. Stanley                                Electrical Systems Technology

Leah Chanell Stephens                          Dental Assisting

Stacy Stone                                          Business Administrative Technology

Kimberly L. Tant                                     Dental Assisting

Vicki D. Toland                                     Cosmetology

Jada Elder Truett                                   Practical Nursing

Ragan Nicole Utkin                                Cosmetology

Mandy N. Walker                                  Medical Assisting

Devin Watkins                                       Marketing Management

Khadisha Z. White                                 Cosmetology

Rebecca E. Womack                             Medical Assisting

Virginia A. Woodard                             Cosmetology

Lisa LaVonne Worley                             Medical Assisting

Larry Wright                                           Welding and Joining Technology

Thomas Wayne Wynn                           Welding and Joining Technology

Candis Diane Yother                              Dental Assisting

Graduates taking part in the December 2014 ceremony earning a Certificate of Completion were as follows:

Raven Symone Blalock                          Early Child Care and Education Basics

Stacy C. Chamlee                                  Addictions Specialist

Alyssa D. Cohran                                   Early Child Care and Education Basics

April M. Coley                                      Phlebotomy Technician

Cindy L. Costlow                                  Early Child Care and Education Basics

Chasity Craig                                         Phlebotomy Technician

Teigh-Jae J. DeLancett                           Phlebotomy Technician

Charlee D. Dutton                                  Phlebotomy Technician

Rachel Lynn Eaton                                 Supervisor/Manager Specialist

Amber C. Edwards                               Health Care Assistant

Anna Marie Edwards                             Health Care Assistant

Kanecia D. Edwards                              Health Care Assistant

Alexis E. Figgins                                     Medical Coding

Sharon Elaine Garner                             Medical Coding

Suzanne Kay Goodson                          Commercial Truck Driving

Amber Gorham                                     Health Care Assistant

Kasie L. Honeycutt                                 Medical Front Office Assistant

Tanya Leigh Howard                             Early Child Care and Education Basics

Rebecca Hughes                                   Early Child Care and Education Basics

Cody Keen                                           Gas Metal ARC Welder

Theresa D. Langham                               Commercial Truck Driving

Lisa Kae Le                                            Health Care Assistant

Alejandra J. Martinez                             Supervisor/Manager Specialist

Elizabeth NaDean Quinn                       Phlebotomy Technician

Cynthia M. Sanchez Arriaga                   Medical Front Office Assistant

Bobby Joe Stewart Jr.                           Industrial Electrician

Mary Louise Stinnett                              Addictions Specialist

Jessica L. Thomason                              Medical Coding

Katherine Vincent                                  Medical Coding

Patti M. Vincent                                     Medical Coding

Amanda L. Wilke                                   Phlebotomy Technician

Leah Rhiannon Woolum                         Medical Front Office Assistant

Approximately 16,000 people benefit from GNTC’s credit and noncredit programs, making it the largest college in Northwest Georgia and the fifth largest technical college in Georgia. Georgia Northwestern offers classes on-campus or online throughout the year. GNTC serves Catoosa, Chattooga, Dade, Floyd, Gordon, Murray, Polk, Walker, and Whitfield counties in Georgia with campuses located in Floyd, Gordon, Polk, Walker, and Whitfield counties.