PiggyBank 2015

Making Money Easier For YOU!!!

Attention ALL GNTC Students:

Our goal at GNTC is to make sure you have the best student experience possible. We’ve heard your feedback about the financial aid and refund process and we have some good news. In order to provide more flexible options for receiving your refunds, Georgia Northwestern Technical College will be partnering with Higher One® to bring all GNTC students a new method for receiving and managing your money, beginning on June 1, 2015. All students (even if you are not receiving financial aid) will be required to complete a refund delivery preference through Higher One®.

What’s in it for you?
Choices! You have more choices for managing your money, receiving refunds, and financial aid. Our partnership with Higher One® will bring you faster delivery of your refund money (if eligible) and smarter ways to manage that money.

Why are we doing this?
We heard your concerns about your refunds. Based on the feedback we got from you, we are making the change to Higher One® to get your refund money faster.

Click this link to get started: