(Northwest Georgia) – Congratulations to our 26 students competing in 17 different competitions this week in Atlanta, Georgia as they GNTC logo with additional white backgroundrepresent Georgia Northwestern Technical College in the 2016 Skillls-USA State Competition March 17-19.

The competitors from GNTC are:

Barry Arrington, Jr             Teamworks                                         Gordon Campus
Evan Brackett                      Teamworks                                         Gordon Campus
Charles Burns                     Teamworks                                          Gordon Campus
Bo Dooley                             Teamworks                                          Gordon Campus
Tanner Boyd                      Alternate/Teamworks                        Gordon Campus
Branton Bailey                  Cabinetmaking                                      Gordon Campus
Tyler Daubert                    Welding Fabrication                             Floyd Campus
Jeremy Duvall                    Welding Fabrication                             Floyd Campus
Ryan Fincher                      Welding Fabrication                             Floyd Campus
Alexander Tracy                Alternate/Welding Fabrication       Floyd Campus
Dusty Powell                      Industrial Motor Control                  Floyd Campus
Jacob Prater                       Electrical Construction Wiring         Floyd Campus
Michael Aragon                Electronics Technology                     Walker Campus
Cary Carter                         Technical Computer Application   Walker Campus
Randy Poteet                    Technical Computer Application   Walker Campus
Ashley Clark                      Chapter Display                                 Walker Campus
Tanya Pearson                  Chapter Display                                    Walker Campus
Melisa Fejardo                   Customer Service                                Walker Campus
Jade Green                          Cosmetology                                         Walker Campus
Brandy LeVan                    Promotional Bulletin Board             Walker Campus
Luis Lee-Martinez            Automotive Service Technology       Walker Campus
Andrew Copeland             Welding                                                   Walker Campus
Stone Dowling                   Information Technology Systems   Walker Campus
Cougar Roberts                 Prepared Speech                                 Walker Campus
Joshua Faires                     Job Demonstration A                         Walker Campus
Thomas Mayweather     HVAC and Refrigeration                    Walker Campus