A few of the hundreds of GNTC graduates who walked the stage at The Forum in Rome, Georgia stopped for a quick picture May 5. Seen in this shot, from left, are Ron Satterwhite, Lauren Sherwood, and Peggy Shiflett.

(Rome, GA) – Georgia Northwestern Technical College (GNTC) students donned their caps and gowns as family and friends gathered at the Forum in Rome to watch them walk across the stage and turn their tassels at GNTC’s Spring Commencement Ceremony on Thursday, May 5.

The college awarded graduates with associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates during the ceremony, which honored approximately 230 graduates.

Invocation was led by Brittny Burns, instructor of Business Technology at GNTC. Burns was selected as the 2016 Rick Perkins Instructor of the Year at GNTC and was also named as a regional finalist for the Technical College System of Georgia’s 2016 Instructor of the Year award.

C. Pete McDonald, president of GNTC, began the evening’s proceedings by welcoming everyone.

“Tonight we recognize our graduates and offer appreciation to their families and friends who have encouraged them to complete their chosen career education pathway,” said McDonald.


Crystal Brazelton 2
Crystal Brazelton, a semi-finalists for the GOAL award at GNTC, was recognized by Al Hodge, president and CEO of the Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce, during his keynote speech.


Al Hodge, president and CEO of the Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce, was the keynote commencement speaker for the evening. Hodge praised the graduates for their achievement and said their chosen programs of study are important to the development of the community.

“I am happy to say that here in our community, and throughout northwest Georgia, our employers are ready for you,” said Hodge. “Part of the reason why I am so confident about your future is that Georgia Northwestern Technical College leads the way in making certain that the knowledge, skills, and relevant curriculum is in place for you.”

Stuart Phillips, vice president of Student Affairs at GNTC, recognized High Honor and Honor graduates. A special recognition for graduates who are veterans also was led by Phillips.

Melinda McCannon, vice president of Academic Affairs at GNTC, presented graduates with associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates as they crossed the stage. All graduates were congratulated by McDonald.

Listed are graduates that participated in the 2016 Spring Commencement Ceremony showing (from left to right) the graduate’s name and program of study:


Associate of Applied Science

Jenna E. Ables, Radiologic Technology

Marte B. Andrews, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Jennifer Angel Early, Childhood Care and Education

Jessica Marie Antion, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Kimberly C. Ashley, Respiratory Care

Peyton Ballew, Radiologic Technology

Richard C. Barnette, Fire Science Technology

Corrine Jennifer Barrett, Health Information Management Technology

Ariel G. Bellamy, Health Information Management Technology

Juanita M. Black, Radiologic Technology

Ashley D. Blankenship, Radiologic Technology

Lindsey B. Boatfield, Vascular Technology

Crystal G. Brazelton, Social Work Assistant

Hallie Brooke Broom, Vascular Technology

Jimmy L. Burchett, Business Management

Rachel Elizabeth Burdette, Early Childhood Care and Education

Christopher Haakon Cabe, Radiologic Technology

Amy S. Caley, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Haley Nicole Carroll, Respiratory Care

Jonathan Harris Carter, Radiologic Technology

Shannon Carter, Radiologic Technology

Cayla A. Casaletta, Echocardiography

Jessica Richelle Case, Neuromuscular Therapist

Rebekah D. Casteel, Radiologic Technology

John S. Castleberry, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Yesenia G. Cisneros, Vascular Technology

Morgan Brittany Clark, Early Childhood Care and Education

Christopher R. Collins, Radiologic Technology

Melanie R. Collins, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Tabitha D. Cothren, Accounting

Tameka Leann Covington, Business Management

Tiffany N. Cowart, Paramedicine

Candice E. Cox, Vascular Technology

Derek S. Craig, Health Information Management Technology

Rebekah Bell Crawford, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Rosa C. Cruz, Business Technology

Marlene Damys, Echocardiography

Cynthia M. Daniel, Health Information Management Technology

Jason Todd Davidson, Radiologic Technology

Jackie L. Davis, Vascular Technology

Chelsea L. Dennison, Business Management

Thomas B. Dial, Web Site Design/Development

Crystal Denae Duke, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Selena H. Dupree, Business Management

Traci Dupree, Echocardiography

Esther Elimian, Health Information Management Technology

Kayla M. Ellison, Pharmacy Technology

Mary A. Farrell, Criminal Justice Technology

Karen Ann Ferranti, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Darlene Stacy Fonseca, Respiratory Care

Amanda S. Frazier, Business Management

Anthony B. Freeman, Industrial Systems Technology

Bryan D. Frenya, Respiratory Care

Chayram E. Galvez, Industrial Systems Technology

Ashley Witt Gilbreath, Health Information Management Technology

Barandi J. Goodson, Criminal Justice Technology

Rebecca Alane Gray, Echocardiography

Noatia J. Harris Early, Childhood Care and Education

Christopher Dakota Harwell, Radiologic Technology

Christopher Hatfield, Health Information Management Technology

Justin Randall Hazelwood, Paramedicine

Chad W. Hendrix, Fire Science Technology

Autumn Lauren Hester, Social Work Assistant

Ashley Hogue, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Sondra R. Huether, Respiratory Care

Rachael E.S. Hunton, Business Management

Kayla M. Ingle, Business Technology

Nesbit M. Isham, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Dale Curtis Jackson, Business Technology

Ashley N. Johnson, Pharmacy Technology

Kelly Elang Johnston, Business Management

Leah R. Jordan, Respiratory Care

Zachary A. Joslyn, Business Management

Jacob D. Keith, Business Management

Kayla Jane King, Marketing Management

Lisa Gail Kirk, Respiratory Care

Julie Lynn Kubin, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Dana Sha Liles, Radiologic Technology

Brandy R. Little, Echocardiography

Regina F. Loveless, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Jennifer Rena Lyles, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Jonathan Marquez, Business Management

Ryan B. Marshall, Criminal Justice Technology

Siderika N. Maze, Vascular Technology

William J. Millholland, Respiratory Care

Morgan A. Moore, Paramedicine

Courtney Morris, Radiologic Technology

Stacey Edwards Murphy, Respiratory Care

Olivia C. Nalley, Radiologic Technology

Justina Uzoma Okoro, Health Information Management Technology

Matthew E. Osbourn, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Yuri Bianay Padilla, Neuromuscular Therapist

Ashley E. Patty, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Lakeisha Lakel Pelzer, Respiratory Care

Heather Michelle Phillips, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Heather L. Plemons, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Taryn Hall Roberts, Business Management

Adrian A. Rodriguez, Business Management

Montana Diane Sabyan, Vascular Technology

Heather Nicole Salvador, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Ronald J. Satterwhite, Respiratory Care

Waseem Sheikh, Industrial Systems Technology

Lauren Sherwood, Respiratory Care

Margaret Shiflett, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Tammara Y. Simmons, Echocardiography

Chelsea M. Skidmore, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Kayleigh Smith, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Lauren Renee Stephens, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Julie M. Stites, Vascular Technology

Megan M. Swinney, Criminal Justice Technology

Todd William Taylor, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Ashley Tefft, Neuromuscular Therapist

Scott Marshall Thacker, Accounting

Ashleigh Rae Thomas, Criminal Justice Technology

Angela M. Trammell, Health Information Management Technology

Joshua Scott Triplett, Health Information Management Technology

Haley Lauren Ware, Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Justin Adam Weaver, Computer Support Specialist

Travis H. West III, Respiratory Care

Summer R. Westmoreland, Respiratory Care

Hannah Brooke White, Radiologic Technology

Lauren Wiley, Social Work Assistant

Amber Annette Winslett, Early Childhood Care and Education

Shaun D. Witt, Industrial Systems Technology

Taylor Brandt Wooten, Criminal Justice Technology

Brittany N. Worthy, Marketing Management

Russell A. Wright, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Susan Lynn Wyatt, Business Management

Kasie A. Yates, Echocardiography

Leticia Garcia Zamora, Accounting


Associate of Science in Nursing


Emily Barker

Shannon Grace Boyd

Candace Rachelle Clark

Kelsey Nichole Curtis

Patricia A. Evans

Kelli Ann Gard

Heather Nicole Jackson

Brandi Roxanne Johnson

Rebekka Sofia Elizabeth Lackey

Christina M. Lyons

DeAnna L. Maddux

Jasmin Marie Sabbag

Hannah N. Scott

Debra C. Shirley

Andrea Lynn Ernest Smith

Sipapha Souvanna

Tonya Renee Sullivan

Selena Lee Tate

April J. Torres

Monica M. Trotter

Katherine R. Veach




Julia L. Barnes, Practical Nursing

Shannon A. Breeden, Criminal Justice Technology

Alyssia Byrd, Practical Nursing

Rebecca Shay Caudill, Practical Nursing

Steven D. Coker, Welding and Joining Technology

Farrah Poole Creek, Business Management

John A. Cross, Welding and Joining Technology

Demarcus LaRay Daniel, Neuromuscular Therapist

Trina M. Dean, Neuromuscular Therapist

Jennifer Lynelle Ellison, Paramedicine

Joshua D. Faires, Automotive Technology

Kyla S. Feenstra, Welding and Joining Technology

Derrick C. Ferguson, Automotive Technology

Quiota D. Ferrell, Business Technology

Keysa N. Garrett, Neuromuscular Therapist

Jennifer L. Gonzalez, Practical Nursing

Austin B. Greeson, Paramedicine

Augusta E. Hallowell, Practical Nursing

Kent L. Hand, Air Conditioning Technology

Tracey L. Hawkins, Computer Support Specialist

Julie K. Honea, Practical Nursing

Yvonne Jones, Practical Nursing

Fatmata H. Kanu, Practical Nursing

Carren Patricia Laing, Practical Nursing

Sarah B. Laymon, Paramedicine

Kristie Grider Long, Practical Nursing

Donna Janine Lowe, Neuromuscular Therapist

Fredy Martinez, Automotive Technology

Pauline K. Meshida, Practical Nursing

Luther N. Parker II, Welding and Joining Technology

Jessica L. Payton, Neuromuscular Therapist

Joel Perez, Automotive Technology

Stephen Adam Ratzmann, Automotive Technology

Tyler Jordan Roberts, Automotive Technology

Hannah Christine Robinson, Practical Nursing

Adriana H. Silva, Practical Nursing

Natasha Lynn Stanley, Practical Nursing

Sharronda D. Thompson, Early Childhood Care and Education

Jacob Todd, Automotive Technology

Penny Walden, Business Management

Sharon R. Walker, Practical Nursing

Bertha I. Wesson, Business Technology

Brandon M. Williams, Horticulture

Tonya Lynn Williamson, Paramedicine


Technical Certificate of Credit


Briska Page Bailey, Health Care Assistant

Miranda E. Barnes, Early Childhood Care and Education Basics

Briana R. Bates, Administrative Support Assistant

Jacob M. Bowers, Technical Specialist

Chelsey N. Bradley, Shampoo Technician

Kelsey S. Brock, Medical Front Office Assistant

Brittany R. Callahan, Medical Front Office Assistant

Amy E. Connell, Patient Care Assistant

April Nicole Cook, Medical Front Office Assistant

Hailey M. Crump, Phlebotomy Technician

Kayla L. Dooley, Health Care Assistant

Amanda Brooke Eaker, Medical Coding

Stephen Wayne, Early Health Care Assistant

Quanecia Foster, Phlebotomy Technician

Miguel Garcia, Operations Management Specialist

Aaliyah R. Harris, Health Care Assistant

Brittany S. Houser, PC Repair and Network Technician

Courtney M. Jackson, Phlebotomy Technician

Haley Jarnagin, Phlebotomy Technician

Kimberly Kelly, Health Care Assistant

Mary G. Mashburn, Medical Front Office Assistant

Guadalupe Miranda, Phlebotomy Technician

Brandy Michelle Moorehead, Addictions Specialist

Brittany Danielle Orr, Health Care Assistant

Agustin Ortiz Valladares, Human Resource Management Specialist

Theresa Gayle Powell, Infant/Toddler Child Care Specialist

Chiara L. Robinson, Early Childhood Care and Education Basics

Marie B. Sherfesee, Medical Coding

Kimberly Ann Sims, Phlebotomy Technician

Jannah Lindsay Sorrell, Health Care Assistant

Faith Eileen Trammell, Health Care Assistant

Heather Tucker, Early Childhood Care and Education Basics

Jennifer Nicole Wadsworth, Medical Coding


Approximately 230 students participated in GNTC’s Spring Commencement Ceremony.