“The more than 250 Georgia Northwestern Technical College graduates who participated in the December graduation held at the Dalton Convention Center in Dalton, Georgia stopped for plenty of pictures before, during, and after their graduation commencement ceremony.”


More than 250 walk the stage in Dalton, Georgia in GNTC’s Fall Commencement

(Dalton, Georgia)
– A cool and foggy Thursday night in Northwest Georgia set the scene outside the Dalton Convention Center in Dalton, Georgia December 8. More than 250 students walked the stage at Georgia Northwestern Technical College’s (GNTC) Fall Commencement Ceremony.
With approximately 1,500 in attendance for the college’s second of two graduations in 2016, GNTC President Pete McDonald, his administration, and keynote speaker Jay Henry helped put the focus on the students and their accomplishments leading up to their big night. Henry, a graduate of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, serves as the Vice Chair of the GNTC Board of Directors. Henry has been the Director of Enterprise Innovation and Operations Support at Shaw Industries in Dalton, Georgia since 2007.


All graduates participating in the ceremony were recognized for their academic achievements and presented with their associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Below are the graduates, in order by the honors they received, who walked the stage at the December ceremony.




Brandy L. Adams Early Childhood Care and Education
Marissa L. Allen Health Information Management Technology
Shanon L. Baldi Adult Echocardiography
Samantha E. Barker Surgical Technology
Skky Monique Barrett Medical Assisting
Nolverto V. Barrios Business Technology
Nicholas A. Beaver Instrumentation and Controls Technician
Miranda Kathleen Bevins Vascular
Tiffanie N. Brown Drafting Technology
Emily J. Brumbelow Business Management
Punky L. Buckner Health Information Management Technology
Arely Calzada-Rivera Criminal Justice
Rosmery Adilene Campos Business Technology
Jessica N. Cannon Radiologic Technology
Kathy Chadwick Business Management
Stacy C. Chamlee Social Work Assistant
Evalinda Dunning Clark Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tara M. Clark Medical Assisting
Traci R. Cochran Business Management
Matt Conaway Radiologic Technology
Hallie Crete Radiologic Technology
Raquel Cruz Radiologic Technology
Cynthia M. Daniel Health Information Management Technology
Patricia A. Davis Business Technology
Brittany J. Dutton Pharmacy Technology
Curtis Lamar Edwards Instrumentation and Controls Technician
Holly A. Emory Radiologic Technology
Hollie R. Evans Business Management
Earlene D. Evans-Steward Medical Assisting
Jessie Michaela Farr Vascular
Marvin Feagans Pharmacy Technology
Janice N. Fowler Business Management
Austin J. Gallegos Radiologic Technology
Stephanie Garcia Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Patricia N. Goble Health Information Management Technology
John C. Gravitt Accounting
Justin M. Gray Computer Support Specialist
Brittany Leigh Griggs Vascular
Tiffaney Dionne Guice Instrumentation and Controls Technician
Jose R. Guzman Industrial Systems Technology
Amanda Paige Hammersley Business Management
Terrance Braynard Herrington Fire Science Technology
Candyss R. Highfield Early Childhood Care and Education
Tiffany D. Hill Pharmacy Technology
Marlon Anthony Hines Vascular
Rachel Leigh Hokanson Vascular
Sarah Arlene Hoke Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tawana S. Howard Early Childhood Care and Education
Letitia D. Hudson Business Management
Kendra Hughes Web Site Design/Development
Heather A. Hutcheson Business Technology
Mabel Ibuoffor Health Information Management Technology
Cheyenne Michelle Johnson Marketing Management
Kristopher Daniel Kammerdiener Health Information Management Technology
Emily L. Kaylor Adult Echocardiography
Melissa Ann Keena Surgical Technology
Angerleak Kile Criminal Justice
Gregory Alexandru King Networking Specialist
Savannah K. Lambert Accounting
Ashlyn R. Landes Criminal Justice
Tiffani S. Leatherwood Early Childhood Care and Education
Leland Taylor Ledford Instrumentation and Controls Technician
Joe Edward Lowdermilk Adult Echocardiography
Clarence W. McCormick Criminal Justice
Stephanie McCoy Health Information Management Technology
April L. McDonald Surgical Technology
Jessica Mcgill Marketing Management
Melissa Mendez Marketing Management
Chelsea L. Millwood Criminal Justice
Brittney Leigh Mingus Computer Support Specialist
Chelsie Lynn Mize Vascular
Erica Molina Servin Business Management
Manuel D. Montelongo Computer Support Specialist
KaBriesha K. Montgomery Medical Assisting
Arethia Michelle Mooney Business Management
Kely M. Morales Business Management
Heather Morgan Early Childhood Care and Education
Maryam W. Mwangi Health Information Management Technology
Haley L. Nelson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kala Ann Nix Medical Assisting
Beth Ann Owens Health Information Management Technology
Brooke A. Parker Adult Echocardiography
Catalina A. Pension Medical Assisting
Angela Traci Perkins Computer Support Specialist
Belinda Sue Pettis Radiologic Technology
Darren Jeffery Pierce Criminal Justice
Haley A. Pilgrim Radiologic Technology
Tracy Ann Queen Early Childhood Care and Education
Hollie M. Richardson Surgical Technology
Marilyn Carrera Richir Business Management
Micah J. Rodriguez Criminal Justice
Charla Paulette Scoggins Business Technology
Halli Elizabeth Selman Surgical Technology
Talya S. Smith Business Management
Taylor A. Smith Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Charles H. Spinks Business Management
Heather Renae Stephens Adult Echocardiography
Lisa Faye Stewart Health Information Management Technology
Corey Strayhorn Electronics Technology
Mary A. Swinney Business Management
Joey L. Thomason Industrial Systems Technology
Kristopher A. Vaughn Business Management
Justin Adam Weaver Computer Support Specialist
Catherine L. White Marketing Management
Allison Whitley Business Management
Candice L. Wilson Surgical Technology
Jermaine Wright Instrumentation and Controls Technician





Amber N. Adams Practical Nursing
Makita N. Adams Practical Nursing
Caitlin E. Allen Surgical Technology
Vicente AnguianoPalmerin Automotive Technology
Hayden T. Arp EMS Professions
Amy M. Baker Practical Nursing
Stephanie L. Barfield Dental Assisting
Jennifer Leigh Barnes Cosmetology
Rebecca L. Baxter Practical Nursing
Heather Bennett Cosmetology
April Blackwell Practical Nursing
Briana R. Bogardus Practical Nursing
Angela M. Brannon Medical Assisting
Tamia L. Brown Medical Assisting
Rebecca Juanita Burgess Cosmetology
Summer Burrage Cosmetology
Connie Elaine Butts Medical Assisting
Faviola M. Camey Cosmetology
Ama B. Cline Dental Assisting
Marla E. Cooper Cosmetology
Stephanie Cox Surgical Technology
Corey James Deaton Machine Tool Technology
Sortoya Tiesh Driver EMS Professions
Terris M. Dunaway Dental Assisting
Elizabeth M. Earwood Cosmetology
Alexis Evans Dental Assisting
Whitney N. Flynn Practical Nursing
Misty Fowler Cosmetology
Whitney G. Frasier Cosmetology
Ciera H. Fricks Surgical Technology
Steve Gamble Welding and Joining Technology
Mary Grace Garrison Cosmetology
William N. Gilbert Industrial Systems Technology
Teresa Gonzalez Dental Assisting
Savannah Lee M. Gray Cosmetology
Janel N. Greathouse Medical Assisting
Whitney Jade Green Cosmetology
Tiffiney S. Gregoire Practical Nursing
Ann R. Groce Pharmacy Technology
Serafin Guevara Industrial Systems Technology
Lauren Nicole Hale Pharmacy Technology
Juanita Marie Hall Dental Assisting
James A. Harness Criminal Justice
Genderson E. Hernandez Electrical Systems Technology
Elisabet Hernandez-Estrada Medical Assisting
Sheliah Y. Hogg Early Childhood Care and Education
Marilyn Holiday Business Management
Dala N. Hufstetler Cosmetology
Tony R. Ingram Jr. Air Conditioning Technology
Amanda L. Jacobs Medical Assisting
Lacey M. Jennings Dental Assisting
Dennis B. Jones Jr. Cosmetology
Shelby D. Keef Practical Nursing
Cecily S. Kinney Marketing Management
Ashley Brooke Kinsey Medical Assisting
Eileen Kung’u Practical Nursing
Shannon Marie Lee Practical Nursing
Tunika Lemons Practical Nursing
Jerrica L. Littlejohn Practical Nursing
Marilon M. Loftin Surgical Technology
Jonathan Tyler Lucas Welding and Joining Technology
Amelia Darlene Marks Cosmetology
Candice Lynn Mason Practical Nursing
Lorie Maynard Cosmetology
Misti Marie McDaniel Practical Nursing
Raegan A. Middleton Practical Nursing
Sierra T. Minter Medical Assisting
Sean D. Morrison Welding and Joining Technology
Samantha M. Morrow Practical Nursing
Amanda R. Nichols Practical Nursing
Jessica Shea Nichols Practical Nursing
Amber N. O’Bryant Practical Nursing
Lakicia L. Orr Cosmetology
Jorge A. Palacios-Torres Air Conditioning Technology
Jessica A. Park Practical Nursing
Erica Denise Penson Practical Nursing
Harley Taylor Podskoc Practical Nursing
James Dale Powell CNC Technology
Katie Ramey Cosmetology
Yuritsi I. Ramirez Criminal Justice
Barbara J. Ramirez Guerrero Health Information Coding
William Z. Ramsey Surgical Technology
Adam A. Richardson Computer Support Specialist
Kristi M. Ruff Dental Assisting
Blake A. Rush Automotive Technology
Rebekah Russell EMS Professions
Ned T. Sanders Pharmacy Technology
Julie Ilean Sargent Dental Assisting
Elizabeth K. Shelby Surgical Technology
Bryan J. Shirley Electrical Systems Technology
Deaven Lynn Shuler Practical Nursing
Keshundia Sharde Slocum Practical Nursing
Haley Smith Cosmetology
Jennifer Ann Smith Practical Nursing
Peyton S. Smith Dental Assisting
Sonya L. Smith Business Technology
Jamie Stewart Practical Nursing
Melissa D. Stone Practical Nursing
Ashley G. Stuard Practical Nursing
Joshua L. Suggs Welding and Joining Technology
Belinda Lee Thomas Early Childhood Care and Education
Valarie Thomas Practical Nursing
Stephanie Nicole Thompson Practical Nursing
Caylee E. Tolbert Medical Assisting
Jonathan Thomas Waid Welding and Joining Technology
Brittany N. Weldon Practical Nursing
Vanessa Rosales West Practical Nursing
Stephen D. Wheelus Welding and Joining Technology
Anna R. Wright Dental Assisting
Kristen Wright Practical Nursing
Samantha Young Cosmetology





Technical Certificate of Credit


Sarah Allen Medical Front Office Assistant
Caroline Elizabeth Bratton Health Care Assistant
Hallie N. Campbell Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Jennie Lynn Chambers Medical Front Office Assistant
Macaylan Charles Phlebotomy Technician
Meredith Cleghorn Infant/Toddler Child Care Specialist
Michelle Drummond Gregory Human Resource Management Specialist
Jalen J. Hamilton Entrepreneurship
Jennifer L. Hinds Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Jessica Lorene Holland Phlebotomy Technician
Brandy Jean LeVan PC Repair and Network Technician
Mary G. Mashburn Medical Front Office Assistant
Sharon Worley Maxwell Medical Coding
Katy R. Motley Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Bryant L. Park lll Supervisor/Manager Specialist
Christie Ann Pope Phlebotomy Technician
Tamara Tieann Poss Phlebotomy Technician
Kristy Michelle Prince Addictions Specialist
Chiara L. Robinson Child Development Specialist
Tiffany N. Romine Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Amy M. Scott Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Christopher Semratedu Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder
Melissa A. Skinner Technical Specialist
Aiseh Smith Human Resource Management Specialist
Daniela Valdez Jurado Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Kaylie A. Vaughn Phlebotomy Technician
MaKayla S. Wilson Early Childhood Care and Education Basics



For more information on Georgia Northwestern Technical College, call 866.983.4682 (GNTC). For information online, visit the college at, as well as on their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, WordPress, and YouTube channels. GNTC is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) and an equal opportunity institute.


Since 1962, Georgia Northwestern Technical College has provided degrees, diplomas, and certificates in business, health, industrial, or public service career paths. This past year, 13,734 people benefited from GNTC’s credit and noncredit programs. With an annual credit enrollment of 7,876 students, GNTC is the largest college in Northwest Georgia. GNTC has an additional enrollment of 5,858 people through adult education, continuing education, business and industry training, and Georgia Quick Start.