Earns Induction Into National Adult Education Honor Society



National Adult Education Honor Society Inductee, Dawn White.
“Chattooga County’s Dawn White, center, poses for a picture with Georgia Northwestern Technical College Chattooga County Adult Education Site Manager Pat Money, left, and Georgia Northwestern Technical College Vice President Kerri Hosmer. They were present at the Georgia Northwestern Technical College Chattooga County Adult Education Site Wednesday for White’s induction into the National Adult Education Honor Society.”



(Chattooga County, Georgia) – Trion, Georgia’s Dawn White has more blessings than she can count today.

As of Tuesday, her daughter in the military has been assigned far from harm’s way and is back in the states. Her two other children are also grown and raising families of their own. She is a full-time grandmother who is starting her own photography business. And with a supportive husband by her side, she just celebrated a birthday this month.

Then there is one blessing that is all her own.

On Wednesday morning, Georgia Northwestern Technical College’s (GNTC) Adult Education program inducted White into the National Adult Education Honor Society. “She’s spent most of her life raising children and taking care of her family,” said Eric White, Dawn’s Husband. “It really was time she did something for herself. Going after her GED© diploma is incredibly important to her. We knew she’d do extremely well.”

“Dependable attendance, cooperative attitude, and a strong work ethic are among what we look for in an inductee,” said GNTC’s Vice President of Adult Education Kerri Hosmer during a morning ceremony at the Chattooga County Adult Education site. Hosmer awarded White with a special honors certificate and pin, as well as letters of recommendation for potential employers and any post-secondary institution she may wish to attend after earning her GED© diploma.

“Excelling in her training and serving as a strong voice of adult education really is what earned Dawn her induction,” said GNTC’s Chattooga County Adult Education Site Manager Pat Money. “She is someone our students and staff look up to each day. She has a bright future ahead.”

With her three children now grown and making their own place in the world, White made the decision to pursue her GED© diploma. As a student within GNTC’s Adult Education program in Summerville, Georgia, White has made her pursuit of a diploma a top priority for her. “I have a great family with some loving kids,” said White. “It’s just a good time for me to better myself and get ready for a career.”

One known for being artistic any chance she gets, White is now laying the foundation of becoming a professional photographer. “I have my business cards coming soon. It’s going to be a great path for me,” added White. “This has helped me get an idea of what kind of life I can make for myself and my family. Just getting to focus on education has really meant everything.”

Really hitting the books will be somewhat easier to concentrate on as of this week. All eyes in the family had been on their youngest child, 26-year-old Stacey Shirley. In her third year with the United States Navy, Shirley had been assigned to a post in the very volatile Korean Peninsula. However, just this week, she received her orders to take a post back in the United States in California. “She got out of there just in time,” added her stepfather Eric White.

Her oldest child, Megan Mitchell, 30, and middle child, Matt Shirley, 27, still call Chattooga County, Georgia home. But with more grandchildren than she can keep up with, family duties still call. “They keep us all busy, that’s for sure,” added White. “They’re our babies. They are just one more reason I’m going after this GED© diploma.”

White’s accomplishments in education may have the eyes and ears of the Adult Education circles this week, but it’s the hard work and focus White has given to better herself that has the attention of her family her at home and around the world.

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