Good morning, Cats Country!
It’s time for another Cats Country Prize Pack Giveaway!
Ready to win an EXCLUSIVE Cats Country Prize Pack?
Just answer this question right and you’ll qualify to win.
QUESTION: On the GNTC Facebook Page alone, users and visitors respond, react, and/or watch our posts and videos more than 30,000 times every week!
But, it’s at this same hour of the day on every day of the week, in which the MOST INTERACTION takes place by those visiting the page. (visits, views, comments, etc…) What hour of the day is it? (Example: 2-3 a.m.) Please make sure to put a.m. or p.m., too, when guessing.
Reply to the contest post on the GNTC Facebook Page with your answer!
We will announce the winners by the end of the week.
Good luck and GO CATS!