Hello, Cats Country! It’s almost time for Welcome Week 2018.
Lots of entertainment, prizes, food, and so much more.
Plus, a college-wide contest that anyone can take part in!

The 2018 SNAP & WIN Contest
“It’s a Snapchat Selfie Contest.”


***On the dates below, you’ll find the date of the
SNAP & WIN contest taking place on your campus!***

SNAP & WIN Dates:
FCC: September 18
GCC: September 19
PCC: September 20
CCC: September 25
WCC: September 26
WMC: September 27

Details for each campus will appear by 10 a.m. on the morning of the SNAP & WIN date on your campus! Just message your creative selfies on Snapchat. (All photos must be messaged to us using the Snapcode or at GNTC1 on Snapchat by midnight on the day of your contest.)

That’s it!

All photos and winners will be shared online on all of our social media sites.

Good luck and have a great Welcome Week 2018 at GNTC!