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GNTC Qualifies 11 For National Pro Skills Competition

Calhoun’s Harp, Aragon’s Carlile Makes Repeat Trip For Georgia Northwestern



“Members of the Georgia Northwestern Technical College Phi Beta Lambda team competing in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend stopped for a picture. In the front row, from left, are Jonathan Herrera, Demonte Parker, Jalen Hamilton, Miguel Ramirez, Cage Gary, Darius Fugh, Brett Notabartolo, Ronal Bueso, Nicholas Post, and Bryan Tapia. Standing, from left, are Cynthia Kirk, Allie Long, Brandy LeVan, Corey Carlile, Amanda Teeters, Selena Spivey, Sprite Dyer, Jennifer Sandoval, Meagan Casker, Melisa Fajardo, and Elisabeth Harp.”


(Atlanta, GA) – After qualifying six national qualifiers for the Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) National Leadership Conference (NLC) competition last year, Georgia Northwestern Technical College (GNTC) raised the bar for 2017. After the state PBL competition wrapped up in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend, the Bobcats would find themselves planning 11 trips to nationals in Anaheim, California June 24-27.

GNTC would take home 19 state awards for their business skill knowledge and career-related performances in Atlanta, Georgia. Competitions against the best in the state tested the understanding of career paths which included everything from Accounting to Website Design.

All entries at the state competition which placed first or second in performance events, as well as all entries which placed first, second, or third in written events, qualified for competition at the NLC event in California this summer.

Bobcats qualifying from GNTC’s team for the West Coast trip are Corey Carlile of Aragon, Georgia in Small Business Management Plan (1st); Nicholas Post of LaFayette, Georgia, Cage Gary of Ringgold, Georgia, and Brett Notabartolo of Trion, Georgia in Management Analysis and Decision-Making Team Event (1st); Gary and Notabartolo in Marketing Analysis and Decision-Making (1st); Ronal Bueso of Dalton, Georgia and Jonathan Herrera of Dalton, Georgia in Business Sustainability Team Event (1st); Miguel Ramirez of Rome, Georgia in Management Concepts (1st); Allie Long of Ringgold, Georgia in Organizational Leadership (2nd); Selena Spivey of Dalton, Georgia in Computer Animation (2nd); Elisabeth Harp of Calhoun, Georgia and Amanda Teeters of Chickamauga, Georgia for Desktop Publishing Team Event (2nd); and Harp in Networking Concepts (3rd).

Harp and Carlile are making a repeat appearance on the national stage. Both qualified to compete at the national competition in 2016. Harp placed ninth in the nation in Computer Concepts. Three years ago, Dalton, Georgia’s Mario Trejo from GNTC took home the nation’s top spot in the Justice Administration category.

Other categories GNTC placed in at the State PBL Competition were; Hospitality Management Team Event (3rd) by Melisa Fajardo of Dalton, Georgia and Bueso; Business Communications (3rd) by Ramirez; Help Desk (3rd) by Fajardo; Future Business Executive (4th) by Jalen Hamilton of Rome, Georgia; Computer Concepts (4th) by Teeters; Statistical Analysis (4th) by Long; Accounting For Professionals (5th) and Accounting Principles (5th) by Cynthia Kirk of Rockmart, Georgia; Sales Presentation (5th) by Corey, and Management Concepts (5th) by Meagan Casker of Calhoun, Georgia.

“We had a solid team in Atlanta,” said GNTC PBL Advisor Dione Waddington. “Almost doubling our number of national qualifiers from last year just proves how much this group has grown. We could see multiple winners at nationals.” Also participating from GNTC at the state PBL event were Demonte Parker, Darius Fugh, Sprite Dyer, Bryan Tapia, Jennifer Sandoval, and Brandy LeVan.

PBL, along with the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), is the largest and oldest student business organization in the nation. Students will participate in more than 55 business and business-related competitive events at the NLC. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the professional skills organizations.

For more information on Georgia Northwestern Technical College’s Phi Beta Lambda professional skills association, you can call the college at 866-983-4682. For information online, visit the college at, as well as on GNTC’s Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, WordPress, and YouTube channels. GNTC is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) and an equal opportunity institute.

Georgia Northwestern Technical College provides quality workforce education to the citizens of Northwest Georgia. Students have the opportunity to earn an associate degree, diploma, or a certificate in business, health, industrial, or public service career paths. This past year, 14,151 people benefited from GNTC’s credit and noncredit programs. With an annual credit enrollment of 7,956 students, GNTC is the largest college in Northwest Georgia. GNTC has an additional enrollment of 6,195 people through adult education, continuing education, business and industry training, and Georgia Quick Start.

GNTC Announces President’s and Dean’s Lists for the 2016 Fall Semester

Congratulations to all of our GNTC Honor Students for Fall 2016!

Georgia Northwestern Technical College is proud to announce the students on the President’s and Dean’s Lists for the 2016 fall semester. To be eligible for the President’s List, the student must maintain a quarterly GPA of 3.8 or higher with a course load of at least 12 credit hours. To be eligible for the Dean’s List the student must maintain a quarterly GPA of 3.5 to 3.79 with a course load of at least 12 credit hours.

President’s List Students for:

Catoosa County: William Childers, Kaylyn Craig, Marvin Feagans, Ashton Flick, Micajah Gary, Jack Gillispie, Jacob Hargrove, Haley Headrick, Stephen Horsley, Brittany Kabir, Kristin Kirk, Emily Ledbetter, Marilon Loftin, Misty Long, Elizabeth Mackler, Deloris McBee, Heather Morgan, Nathaniel Nation, Chase Norton, Daniel Parrish, Mona Patino, Richard Peterson, Julia Renegar, Lauren Runion, Heather Sampson, Morgan Schaefer, Casey Stephens, Benjamin Tadle, Shelby Taylor, Jessie Winters, Winston Wyre, Pedro Zamorano.

Chattooga County: Erica Alexander, Cassidy Bowers-Glenn, Daniel Brown, Ranson Brown, Emilee Coffman, Samantha Dial, Amy Drake Housch, William Elrod, Hollie Evans, Evan Farrow, Kristyn Farrow, Lauren Hale, Jacqueline Hegwood, Candyss Highfield, Tiffany Hill, William Hunter, Michael Kirk, Jasmine Lattimer, Macy Mitchell, Brett Notabartolo, Jessica Park, Mekenzie Parker, Regina Rice, Amy Rigsby, Brandon Russell, Nathan Thompson, Steven Tucker, William Tutton, Rebecca Wheeler.

Dade County: Gabriel Bradford, Lauren Breeden, Hannah Smith, Judy Smith.

Floyd County: Anthony Adams, Caitlin Allen, Samantha Barker, Logan Bates, Gracyn Beck, Cory Bethune, Kristen Boatner, Brittanie Bonds, Mary Boylan, Kayla Bridges, Leah Brunson, Kelvin Cano Armas, Randy Crowe, Ashley Davenport, Seth Davis, Oseas Diego, Quocdai Do, Corey Evans, Phoebe Faile, Terri Foltz, Matthew George, Melissa Godfrey, Jacob Goss, Graham Grimes, Marlon Hines, Loc Ho, Abraham Hodgins, Rachel Hokanson, Tawana Howard, Azaria Hunt, Amanda Ingram, Allison Jackson, Noah Jackson, Cheyenne Johnson, Lindsey Johnson, Kailey Kelley, Kimberly Kelly, Tiffani Leatherwood, Kathline Leeks, Jodi Lewis, Isaac Long, Ashton Lord, Matthew Maddox, Kelsey Mann, Candice Mason, Melissa McDaniel, Cassie McGill, Ashish Merchant, Crystal Odgers, JoAnna Parker, Larry Penn, Esther Polley, Miguel Ramirez, Jhony Rivera, Jada Rosser, Jessica Russell, Halli Selman, Bryan Shirley, Tyris Slocum, Jennifer Smith, Robert Smith, Taylor Smith, Charles Spriggs, Heather Stephens, Maiya Swearinger, Jessica Tant, Lindsey Thomas, Rebecca Thomas, Kelsey Tortoso, Kevin Trotter, Jessica Wakefield, Cameron Walsh, Catherine White, Meagan White, Abbey Williams, Bonnie Wilson, Hollie Wilson, Jacob Woodall, Kavan Youngblood.

Gordon County: Hope Ankney, Barry Arrington, Raven Brown, Dustin Bruce, Hazel Bullock, Jorge Chinchilla, Eric Cochran, Caroline Cortes, Melissa Crowe, Jarrod Daniel, Jeremiah Daniel, Oksana Daniel, Catherine Farist, Ciera Fricks, Sara Garcia, Cassey Gerry, Victoria Grantham, Tiffiney Gregoire, Caylen Hager, Elisabeth Harp, Gregory Hefner, Karen Herrera, Jessica Holcomb, Hayden Housley, Lorie Jones, William Kelley, Carley Kremer, Joshua Lovain, Joshua Maddox, Kimberly Marbutt, Joseph Martin, Joseph Marycz, Joshua Morse, Marshall Petty, Robert Pritchett, Brittni Reams, Leslie Renfro, Wesley Saunders, Michael Siefert, Autumn Stokes, Abigail Trejo, Manuela Villalobos, Tyler Ware, Alexis White, Candice White, Bret Williams, Venessa Williams.

Murray County: Summer Baber, Dudley Davis, Angelica Gonzalez, Kara Gray, Alesha Hughes, Christopher Land, Christian McDonald, Edgar Mendez.

Polk County: Guillermo Aguilar, Ivan Alvarado, Amanda Arroyo, Jose Aviles Gomez, Christopher Ballew, Makenzy Barker, Christopher Barrett, Rebecca Baxter, Cason Bedford, Miranda Bevins, Mackenzie Bollen, Zachary Bowman, Emily Brumbelow, Taylor Camp, Macie Campbell, Greyson Carter, Neeley Carter, Sandra Chavez, Kered Cochran, Madison Crawford, Russell Daniels, Baylee Davenport, Caleb Dempsey, Jordan Denton, Nahomy Diaz-Villanveva, Brittany Dutton, Jessica Ellington, Mary Enlow, Catherine Fennell, James Garrett, Savanna Garrett, Mary Garrison, Frances Gilbert, Ronaldo Gonzalez, Jamison Guice, Daphne Harrell, Laurie Harris, Jovany Hernandez, Nicole Jackson, Kelsie Kadner, Brittany Lacy, Leland Ledford, Elizabeth Lee, Cayden Litesey, Mikayla Longshore, Kimberly McCulley, Jacie McDaniel, Samuel Pollard, Morgan Ramsey, Eric Reyes, Chiara Robinson, Emily Robinson, Isabella Schuber, Daisy Segura, Carter Shelton, Elizabeth Smith, Keely Smith, Judy Standeford, Melissa Stone, Allison Streetman, Angelica Torres, McKenzie Wheeler, Koby White, Dustin Wiggins, Abigail Williams, Kerstin Williams, Aubrie Wolfe, Michaela Wolfe, Tiffany Wood.

Walker County: Emili Baker, Katelyn Baker, Chase Barrett, Bailey Burns, Ashley Careathers, Christina Champion, Maggie Coots, Zackary Cornett, Stephanie Cox, Philip English, Christopher Gilbert, John Gravitt, Ann Groce, Taylor Haygood, Brenda Hill, Kirstin Johnson, Melissa Keena, Jona Kinsey, Vickie Martin, Tabatha Moore, Kevin Pendergrass, Steven Ray, Hollie Richardson, Peyton Russell, Ned Sanders, Elizabeth Shelby, Thomas Sisemore, Brennon Webb, Madeline Willis, Tiffany Wireman.

Whitfield County: Humberto Apodaca, Canzady Bailey, April Bennett, Christina Carter, Kayla Clevenger, Randall DeFore, Courtney Elrod, Carlos Franco, Ever Frayre, Jasmine Gann, Stephanie Garcia, Eduardo Guerrero, Robert Hefner, Bryan Hernandez, Letitia Hudson, Lacey Ingle, Donna Joyce, Aaron Kephart, Rachael King, Danielle Kleeeis, Donald Lay, Tara Linville, Christopher Little, Christian Lopez, Alejandro Luna, Carlos Luna, Albert Martinez, Lemia McLendon, Tyler Minchew, Emily Monroig, Pedro Morales, Katy Motley, Wendy Neighbors, Angel Paniagua, Jason Phillips, Andres Ramirez, William Ramsey, Meagan Ray, John Schlicht, Taylor Sexton, Antonio Torres, Tyrone Walker-Brooks, Candice Wilson.

Other Counties: Shanon Baldi, Carrie Benedict, Kaitlyn Castle, Evalinda Clark, Amy Clarke, Rebecca Cook, Wesley Cook, Sierra Crew, Curtis DeRenzo, Justin Dean, Charles Doss, Christina Echols, Kelsea Elrod, Kasey Epps, Jessie Farr, Whitney Flynn, Travis Freeman, Andrew Goodrick, Jessica Gravley, Brittany Griggs, Elisabeth Hayhome, Sarah Hoke, Payton Holt, Kimberly James-Wagnon, Crystal Johnson, Justin Johnson, Madison King, Ronald Kowalchuk, Emiko Kuhrt, Christopher Layne, Joe Lowdermilk, Jessica Martin, April McDonald, Jessica Mcgill, Christian Metroka, Chelsie Mize, Isela Moraga, Tiffany Moroy, Hillary Myrick, Preston Nalli, Haley Nelson, Maci Pickens, Luke Pinkard, Maria Pizano, Justin Poucher, Andrew Raulerson, Nikolas Richards, Nathan Sangphim, Daniel Sequens, Kristen Smith, Tiffany Smith, Erin Staples, Tara Swepeniser, Stephanie Thompson, Connie Tinney, Vanessa West, Virginia White, Ashley Widener, Amber Worthington.

Dean’s List Students for:

Catoosa County: Hannah Aho, Olivia Brown, Garrison Cavin, Aniston Chadwick, Felisca Cowan, Whitley Evans, Tavian Henson, Rebeccah Johnson, Charles Jones, Savannah Jones, Emily Lay, Allie Long, Savannah Nelson, Seth Pittman, Samantha Powell, Jonathan Raley, Nathaniel Stone, Rachel Street, Margaret Taylor, Carrie Updike, Brittany Weldon.

Chattooga County: Thomas Anderson, Charles Barksdale, Raven Bruce, Stephen Clowdis, Zachary Duke, Davina Edwards, Thomas Everett, Clayton Haney, Cailey Humphrey, Randall Reece, Tiffany Romine, Cassandra Vaughn, Kristopher Vaughn.

Dade County: Clynt Bell, Billy Brown, Austin Campbell, Emily Clark.

Floyd County: Benjamin Amis, Jamil Aslam, Douglas Austin, Julia Barnes, Thomas Belk, Briana Bogardus, Angie Bonds, Hannah Boyer, Cheyenne Brunni, Avery Bryant, Jessica Burnham, Candice Casteel, Timothy Castleberry, Magdaleno Chavez Nunez, Matt Conaway, Gerardo Cruz, Giovanni Cruz, Ricardo Dominquez Gaytan, Curtis Edwards, Brice Fowler, Jennifer Garrison, Marlem Gonzalez Ramirez, Krista Haley, Laura Harrington, Robert Holt, Kayla House, Erin Inman, Kelsey Ivey, Timothy Johnston, Keith Jones, Shelby Keef, Robert Kimmel, Tunika Lemons, Matthew Littlejohn, Phu Mau, Terrance McCluskey, Misti McDaniel, Joshua Mcfadden, Juanita Neloms, Elizabeth Penson, Belinda Pettis, Glenda Phillips, Haley Pilgrim, Sammy Ryles, Martha Santana Castro, Barbara Shirley, Debbie Shirley, Keshundia Slocum, Jacob Smith, Amy Tate, Chase Tetrick, Faith Trammell, Brittany Valle Dominguez, Mary Watson.

Gordon County: Gaston Bailey, Nikkea Beavers, Matthew Ciolli, Shaina Colston, Lisa Edwards, Faith Elliott, Braeden Gee, Seth Green, Zachary Guess, Alex Heifner, Kendall Henslee, Joshua Herrera, Hannah Jaco, Allison Jenkins, Jana Johns, Jose Leal, Ryan Lowrance, Noelle Mauldin, Maria Mendoza, Jeremiah Nicholson, Yesenia Palmerin, Morgan Pasley, Cristian Ramirez Miranda, Marisela Reyes, Nicole Sanabria, Jake Smith, Tammy Walraven.

Murray County: Emily Beaty, Maria Gonzalez, Anastacio Lopez, Hunter Robertson, Thomas Williams.

Polk County: Maddie Allred, Ariel Alonso de la Sierra, Mary Baldwin, Ryan Bauer, Itzel Bautista Lopez, Joshua Beck, Lillian Bell, Madison Borders, Lauryn Brock, Kaylon Brown, Myra Browning, Cindy Campbell, Mallory Carter, William Casey, Tony Choat, Alexis Clanton, Caitlyn Coalson, Edgar Cornejo, Alexandra Costlow, Hallie Crete, Raquel Cruz, Karl Culver, Devin Dial, Daniel Dobbs, Aakayla Dudley, Kayley England, John Finlay, Chelsea Flowers, Nicholas Gable, Jean Garcia, Alexis Garmon, Anslie Garrett, Shelby Graves, Dominque Hammock, Raeanna Hulsey, Shayna Ingram, Calen James, Madison Jones, Destiny Killian, Jhett Lewis, Amanda Market, Rebbecca Martin, Janna McDowell, Payton McElwee, Melissa Mendez, Steven Miller, Rebeka Neal, James Norris, Diana Novelo-Arreguin, Megan OConner, Lorena Pelico, Anna Petkov, Harley Podskoc, Amanda Price, Jami Purcell, Anjela Reyes-Corneja, Alyssa Rodriguez, Jaycee Rogers, Rebekah Ruark, Wesley Runyon, Margaret Saunders, Holli Seals, Cade Shelton, Myra Stephenson, Conner Tant, Miranda Thompson, Jonathan Timms, Alexa Wall, Mirista Watts, Megan White, Sean Williams, Abbegail Wilson, Shelbie Witt, Kera Wynn.

Walker County: Micah Alexander, Emily Ball, Brett Byrd, Haleigh Condra, Charles Crowe, Caitlyn Davenport, Tayler Davidson, Destiny Ellison, Nicolas Everhart, Ashley Fann, Alex Felipe, Jessica Forrester, Tyler Garrett, Jada Goodwin, Kelly Harden, Jennifer Hensley, Andrew Johnson, Christopher Kinsey, Jennifer LeQuire, Hannah McKee, Trever Oliver, Billie Otting, Steven Painter, Jessie Parker, Taylor Parker, Courtney Pittman, Emily Plunkett-Brock, Amber Quillen, Nicolas Rousseau, Daniel Sanford, Patrick Simmons, Jarod Streetman, John Sunder, Samuel Sunder, Cynthia Thielke, Sierra Vinkemulder, Cameron Wallin, Thomas Waymire, Mathew Young.

Whitfield County: Orlando Altamirano, Kristen Beavers, Olivia Beavers, Dustin Blevins, Shannon Breeden, Haylee Burris, Stephanie Cervantes, Tamisha Cross, Michelle Dills, Bradford Edgerton, Daisy Espinoza, Tory Faulknor, Adriana Garcia, Ivan Garcia, Abigail Gonzalez, Adrian Gonzalez, Eberardo Hernandez, Audrey Ledford, Terry Martin, Jose Martinez, Cristian Ortiz, Anahi Paez, David Paz, Autumn Wade, Omar Zamarron.

Other Counties: Amy Abernathy, Tania Ackerman, Amber Adams, Amy Ajaeb, Amy Baker, Nicholas Beaver, Tanya Beckom, Jessica Cannon, Derrick Champion, Tqualla Clark, Savannah Dobbs, Holly Emory, Wesley Flynn, Austin Gallegos, Kaleb Garrett, David Gaspardo, Amanda Harper, Demi Hatfield, Nathan Hayslett, Michel Higgins, Carrie Hines, Emily Kaylor, Makayla Martin, Jennifer Moore, Brooke Parker, Kristen Pettus, Timothy Samples, Samantha Seagraves, Ashley Sebastiani, Forrest Skinner, Meagan Stoddard, Serena Turner.

Georgia Northwestern Hosts Graduation In Dalton


“The more than 250 Georgia Northwestern Technical College graduates who participated in the December graduation held at the Dalton Convention Center in Dalton, Georgia stopped for plenty of pictures before, during, and after their graduation commencement ceremony.”


More than 250 walk the stage in Dalton, Georgia in GNTC’s Fall Commencement

(Dalton, Georgia)
– A cool and foggy Thursday night in Northwest Georgia set the scene outside the Dalton Convention Center in Dalton, Georgia December 8. More than 250 students walked the stage at Georgia Northwestern Technical College’s (GNTC) Fall Commencement Ceremony.
With approximately 1,500 in attendance for the college’s second of two graduations in 2016, GNTC President Pete McDonald, his administration, and keynote speaker Jay Henry helped put the focus on the students and their accomplishments leading up to their big night. Henry, a graduate of the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, serves as the Vice Chair of the GNTC Board of Directors. Henry has been the Director of Enterprise Innovation and Operations Support at Shaw Industries in Dalton, Georgia since 2007.


All graduates participating in the ceremony were recognized for their academic achievements and presented with their associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Below are the graduates, in order by the honors they received, who walked the stage at the December ceremony.




Brandy L. Adams Early Childhood Care and Education
Marissa L. Allen Health Information Management Technology
Shanon L. Baldi Adult Echocardiography
Samantha E. Barker Surgical Technology
Skky Monique Barrett Medical Assisting
Nolverto V. Barrios Business Technology
Nicholas A. Beaver Instrumentation and Controls Technician
Miranda Kathleen Bevins Vascular
Tiffanie N. Brown Drafting Technology
Emily J. Brumbelow Business Management
Punky L. Buckner Health Information Management Technology
Arely Calzada-Rivera Criminal Justice
Rosmery Adilene Campos Business Technology
Jessica N. Cannon Radiologic Technology
Kathy Chadwick Business Management
Stacy C. Chamlee Social Work Assistant
Evalinda Dunning Clark Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tara M. Clark Medical Assisting
Traci R. Cochran Business Management
Matt Conaway Radiologic Technology
Hallie Crete Radiologic Technology
Raquel Cruz Radiologic Technology
Cynthia M. Daniel Health Information Management Technology
Patricia A. Davis Business Technology
Brittany J. Dutton Pharmacy Technology
Curtis Lamar Edwards Instrumentation and Controls Technician
Holly A. Emory Radiologic Technology
Hollie R. Evans Business Management
Earlene D. Evans-Steward Medical Assisting
Jessie Michaela Farr Vascular
Marvin Feagans Pharmacy Technology
Janice N. Fowler Business Management
Austin J. Gallegos Radiologic Technology
Stephanie Garcia Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Patricia N. Goble Health Information Management Technology
John C. Gravitt Accounting
Justin M. Gray Computer Support Specialist
Brittany Leigh Griggs Vascular
Tiffaney Dionne Guice Instrumentation and Controls Technician
Jose R. Guzman Industrial Systems Technology
Amanda Paige Hammersley Business Management
Terrance Braynard Herrington Fire Science Technology
Candyss R. Highfield Early Childhood Care and Education
Tiffany D. Hill Pharmacy Technology
Marlon Anthony Hines Vascular
Rachel Leigh Hokanson Vascular
Sarah Arlene Hoke Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tawana S. Howard Early Childhood Care and Education
Letitia D. Hudson Business Management
Kendra Hughes Web Site Design/Development
Heather A. Hutcheson Business Technology
Mabel Ibuoffor Health Information Management Technology
Cheyenne Michelle Johnson Marketing Management
Kristopher Daniel Kammerdiener Health Information Management Technology
Emily L. Kaylor Adult Echocardiography
Melissa Ann Keena Surgical Technology
Angerleak Kile Criminal Justice
Gregory Alexandru King Networking Specialist
Savannah K. Lambert Accounting
Ashlyn R. Landes Criminal Justice
Tiffani S. Leatherwood Early Childhood Care and Education
Leland Taylor Ledford Instrumentation and Controls Technician
Joe Edward Lowdermilk Adult Echocardiography
Clarence W. McCormick Criminal Justice
Stephanie McCoy Health Information Management Technology
April L. McDonald Surgical Technology
Jessica Mcgill Marketing Management
Melissa Mendez Marketing Management
Chelsea L. Millwood Criminal Justice
Brittney Leigh Mingus Computer Support Specialist
Chelsie Lynn Mize Vascular
Erica Molina Servin Business Management
Manuel D. Montelongo Computer Support Specialist
KaBriesha K. Montgomery Medical Assisting
Arethia Michelle Mooney Business Management
Kely M. Morales Business Management
Heather Morgan Early Childhood Care and Education
Maryam W. Mwangi Health Information Management Technology
Haley L. Nelson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kala Ann Nix Medical Assisting
Beth Ann Owens Health Information Management Technology
Brooke A. Parker Adult Echocardiography
Catalina A. Pension Medical Assisting
Angela Traci Perkins Computer Support Specialist
Belinda Sue Pettis Radiologic Technology
Darren Jeffery Pierce Criminal Justice
Haley A. Pilgrim Radiologic Technology
Tracy Ann Queen Early Childhood Care and Education
Hollie M. Richardson Surgical Technology
Marilyn Carrera Richir Business Management
Micah J. Rodriguez Criminal Justice
Charla Paulette Scoggins Business Technology
Halli Elizabeth Selman Surgical Technology
Talya S. Smith Business Management
Taylor A. Smith Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Charles H. Spinks Business Management
Heather Renae Stephens Adult Echocardiography
Lisa Faye Stewart Health Information Management Technology
Corey Strayhorn Electronics Technology
Mary A. Swinney Business Management
Joey L. Thomason Industrial Systems Technology
Kristopher A. Vaughn Business Management
Justin Adam Weaver Computer Support Specialist
Catherine L. White Marketing Management
Allison Whitley Business Management
Candice L. Wilson Surgical Technology
Jermaine Wright Instrumentation and Controls Technician





Amber N. Adams Practical Nursing
Makita N. Adams Practical Nursing
Caitlin E. Allen Surgical Technology
Vicente AnguianoPalmerin Automotive Technology
Hayden T. Arp EMS Professions
Amy M. Baker Practical Nursing
Stephanie L. Barfield Dental Assisting
Jennifer Leigh Barnes Cosmetology
Rebecca L. Baxter Practical Nursing
Heather Bennett Cosmetology
April Blackwell Practical Nursing
Briana R. Bogardus Practical Nursing
Angela M. Brannon Medical Assisting
Tamia L. Brown Medical Assisting
Rebecca Juanita Burgess Cosmetology
Summer Burrage Cosmetology
Connie Elaine Butts Medical Assisting
Faviola M. Camey Cosmetology
Ama B. Cline Dental Assisting
Marla E. Cooper Cosmetology
Stephanie Cox Surgical Technology
Corey James Deaton Machine Tool Technology
Sortoya Tiesh Driver EMS Professions
Terris M. Dunaway Dental Assisting
Elizabeth M. Earwood Cosmetology
Alexis Evans Dental Assisting
Whitney N. Flynn Practical Nursing
Misty Fowler Cosmetology
Whitney G. Frasier Cosmetology
Ciera H. Fricks Surgical Technology
Steve Gamble Welding and Joining Technology
Mary Grace Garrison Cosmetology
William N. Gilbert Industrial Systems Technology
Teresa Gonzalez Dental Assisting
Savannah Lee M. Gray Cosmetology
Janel N. Greathouse Medical Assisting
Whitney Jade Green Cosmetology
Tiffiney S. Gregoire Practical Nursing
Ann R. Groce Pharmacy Technology
Serafin Guevara Industrial Systems Technology
Lauren Nicole Hale Pharmacy Technology
Juanita Marie Hall Dental Assisting
James A. Harness Criminal Justice
Genderson E. Hernandez Electrical Systems Technology
Elisabet Hernandez-Estrada Medical Assisting
Sheliah Y. Hogg Early Childhood Care and Education
Marilyn Holiday Business Management
Dala N. Hufstetler Cosmetology
Tony R. Ingram Jr. Air Conditioning Technology
Amanda L. Jacobs Medical Assisting
Lacey M. Jennings Dental Assisting
Dennis B. Jones Jr. Cosmetology
Shelby D. Keef Practical Nursing
Cecily S. Kinney Marketing Management
Ashley Brooke Kinsey Medical Assisting
Eileen Kung’u Practical Nursing
Shannon Marie Lee Practical Nursing
Tunika Lemons Practical Nursing
Jerrica L. Littlejohn Practical Nursing
Marilon M. Loftin Surgical Technology
Jonathan Tyler Lucas Welding and Joining Technology
Amelia Darlene Marks Cosmetology
Candice Lynn Mason Practical Nursing
Lorie Maynard Cosmetology
Misti Marie McDaniel Practical Nursing
Raegan A. Middleton Practical Nursing
Sierra T. Minter Medical Assisting
Sean D. Morrison Welding and Joining Technology
Samantha M. Morrow Practical Nursing
Amanda R. Nichols Practical Nursing
Jessica Shea Nichols Practical Nursing
Amber N. O’Bryant Practical Nursing
Lakicia L. Orr Cosmetology
Jorge A. Palacios-Torres Air Conditioning Technology
Jessica A. Park Practical Nursing
Erica Denise Penson Practical Nursing
Harley Taylor Podskoc Practical Nursing
James Dale Powell CNC Technology
Katie Ramey Cosmetology
Yuritsi I. Ramirez Criminal Justice
Barbara J. Ramirez Guerrero Health Information Coding
William Z. Ramsey Surgical Technology
Adam A. Richardson Computer Support Specialist
Kristi M. Ruff Dental Assisting
Blake A. Rush Automotive Technology
Rebekah Russell EMS Professions
Ned T. Sanders Pharmacy Technology
Julie Ilean Sargent Dental Assisting
Elizabeth K. Shelby Surgical Technology
Bryan J. Shirley Electrical Systems Technology
Deaven Lynn Shuler Practical Nursing
Keshundia Sharde Slocum Practical Nursing
Haley Smith Cosmetology
Jennifer Ann Smith Practical Nursing
Peyton S. Smith Dental Assisting
Sonya L. Smith Business Technology
Jamie Stewart Practical Nursing
Melissa D. Stone Practical Nursing
Ashley G. Stuard Practical Nursing
Joshua L. Suggs Welding and Joining Technology
Belinda Lee Thomas Early Childhood Care and Education
Valarie Thomas Practical Nursing
Stephanie Nicole Thompson Practical Nursing
Caylee E. Tolbert Medical Assisting
Jonathan Thomas Waid Welding and Joining Technology
Brittany N. Weldon Practical Nursing
Vanessa Rosales West Practical Nursing
Stephen D. Wheelus Welding and Joining Technology
Anna R. Wright Dental Assisting
Kristen Wright Practical Nursing
Samantha Young Cosmetology





Technical Certificate of Credit


Sarah Allen Medical Front Office Assistant
Caroline Elizabeth Bratton Health Care Assistant
Hallie N. Campbell Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Jennie Lynn Chambers Medical Front Office Assistant
Macaylan Charles Phlebotomy Technician
Meredith Cleghorn Infant/Toddler Child Care Specialist
Michelle Drummond Gregory Human Resource Management Specialist
Jalen J. Hamilton Entrepreneurship
Jennifer L. Hinds Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Jessica Lorene Holland Phlebotomy Technician
Brandy Jean LeVan PC Repair and Network Technician
Mary G. Mashburn Medical Front Office Assistant
Sharon Worley Maxwell Medical Coding
Katy R. Motley Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Bryant L. Park lll Supervisor/Manager Specialist
Christie Ann Pope Phlebotomy Technician
Tamara Tieann Poss Phlebotomy Technician
Kristy Michelle Prince Addictions Specialist
Chiara L. Robinson Child Development Specialist
Tiffany N. Romine Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Amy M. Scott Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Christopher Semratedu Advanced Shielded Metal Arc Welder
Melissa A. Skinner Technical Specialist
Aiseh Smith Human Resource Management Specialist
Daniela Valdez Jurado Early Childhood Care and Education Basics
Kaylie A. Vaughn Phlebotomy Technician
MaKayla S. Wilson Early Childhood Care and Education Basics



For more information on Georgia Northwestern Technical College, call 866.983.4682 (GNTC). For information online, visit the college at, as well as on their Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, WordPress, and YouTube channels. GNTC is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) and an equal opportunity institute.


Since 1962, Georgia Northwestern Technical College has provided degrees, diplomas, and certificates in business, health, industrial, or public service career paths. This past year, 13,734 people benefited from GNTC’s credit and noncredit programs. With an annual credit enrollment of 7,876 students, GNTC is the largest college in Northwest Georgia. GNTC has an additional enrollment of 5,858 people through adult education, continuing education, business and industry training, and Georgia Quick Start.

GNTC Announces President’s and Dean’s Lists for the 2016 Spring Semester



Georgia Northwestern Technical College is proud to announce the students on the President’s and Dean’s Lists for the 2016 spring semester. To be eligible for the President’s List, the student must maintain a quarterly GPA of 3.8 or higher with a course load of at least 12 credit hours. To be eligible for the Dean’s List the student must maintain a quarterly GPA of 3.5 to 3.79 with a course load of at least 12 credit hours.


President’s List Students For:


Catoosa County: Rachael Clay, Kaylyn Craig, Rebekah Crawford, Jordan Estes, Whitley Evans, Kellie Garland, Sara Gibson, Jessica Jones, Savannah Jones, Angerleak Kile, Leslie King, Kloe Kukta, Jessica Maynor, Deloris McBee, Debra McCarthy, Heather Morgan, Taylor Neal, Morgan Pilkington, Theresa Powell, Chelsea Skidmore, Amber Stevens, Carrie Updike.


Chattooga County: Sarah Allen, Cory Barnes, Amy Drake Housch, Crystal Duke, Hollie Evans, Jazzmine Grinis, Joshua Hatcher, Matthew Hayes, Tiffany Hill, Marilyn Holiday, Jessica Park, Nathaniel Rench, Dillion Smith, Sharronda Thompson, Steven Tucker, Natalie Tutton, Tyler Whitfield, Yang Yang.


Dade County: John Castleberry, Allison Haswell, Judy Smith.


Floyd County: James Adcock, Joshua Alamia, Gary Alford, Joseph Angeles, Samantha Barker, Julia Barnes, Cory Bethune, Lindsey Boatfield, Joshua Borgers, Baylee Branton, Hallie Broom, Doralee Burnes, Anthony Cain, Jessica Carter, Timothy Castleberry, Candice Chastain, Yesenia Cisneros, Stephanie Clark Smedley, Candice Cox, Randy Crowe, Demarcus Daniel, Pamela Daniel, Brian Davis, Michael Dawson, Jamie DeMore, Stephen Dean, Quocdai Do, Lakesha Dunnom, Lori Durden, Elizabeth Earwood, Curtis Edwards, Misttie Elcombe, Jacob Faile, Denise Finley, Jomandi Fisher, Tara Flennery, Jessica Fletcher, Brice Fowler, Keysa Garrett, Matthew George, Sarah George, Melissa Godfrey, Jacob Goss, Theresa Graham, Latonia Henry, Loc Ho, Dontavius Hodge, Miranda Hopkins, Nesbit Isham, Noah Jackson, Cheyenne Johnson, Lindsey Johnson, Keith Jones, Tiffani Leatherwood, Matthew Maddox, Jason Maldonado, Amelia Marks, Benjamin Marsh, Michael Marsh, Priscilla Martin, Melissa McDaniel, Sierra Minter, Ryley Mobbs, Brandon Montgomery, Stephanie Morris, Jerry Norton, Yuri Padilla, Blake Patterson, Catalina Pension, Esther Polley, Miguel Ramirez, Aaron Roby, Margaret Shiflett, Debbie Shirley, Clara Simpkins, Karey Sims, Tyris Slocum, Taylor Smith, Natasha Stanley, Kevin Trotter, Jessica Wakefield, Summer Westmoreland, Stephen Wheelus, Catherine White, Abbey Williams, Brandon Williams, Jacob Woodall, Kristen Wright.


Gordon County: Crystal Alday, Vicente AnguianoPalmerin, Barry Arrington, Misty Banks, Preston Barfield, Eric Barrett, Nolverto Barrios, Jessica Bingham, Carol Castillo, Marco Castillo, Summer Childers, Ashley Clark, Ama Cline, Oksana Daniel, Jackie Davis, Trina Dean, Tonia Derryberry, Melissa Devore, Bo Dooley, Aubri Gazaway, Zachary Guess, Dimas Guevara, Elisabeth Harp, Karen Herrera, Jessica Holcomb, Kayla Holland, John Humphrys, Charles Jackson, Dennis Jones, Jonathan Knoblett, Sarah Krummert, Joshua Lovain, Joshua Maddox, Jonathan Mathews, Marjorie Miller Edmisten, Bethany Morrison, Jeremiah Nicholson, Yesenia Palmerin, Cortney Pass, Marshall Petty, Haven Pritchard, Marisela Reyes, Adam Richardson, Marilyn Richir, Ashley Smith, Gary Smith, Victoria Smith, Melinda Spires, Autumn Stokes, Scott Thacker, Jeremiah Thomas, Sarah Thomas, Gildardo Villatoro, Sara White, Bret Williams, Venessa Williams, Taylor Wooten.


Murray County: Brandy Banks, DeAnn Carter, Tony Coggins, Matthew Earley, Kimberly Hicks, Kayla Ingle, Hannah Jones, Zachary Joslyn, Tiffany Rampley, Amy Rankin, Natasha Smith, Jarrod Trimble, Elizabeth Young.


Polk County: Makita Adams, Jose Aviles Gomez, Emily Baldwin, Stephanie Barfield, Jennifer Barnes, William Benefield, Madison Borders, Jordan Brown, Aislyn Campbell, Greyson Carter, Jonathan Carter, Morgan Clark, Christopher Collins, Christopher Davis, Aakayla Dudley, Brittany Dutton, Mary Garrison, Rebecca Gray, Isabella Lane, Andrew Ledford, Leland Ledford, Jorge Palacios-Torres, Jessica Payton, Lorena Pelico, Patricia Pruitt, Morgan Ramsey, Marisa Sanchez, Daisy Segura, Jeliah Sherfield, Emma Short, Brittney Sisson, Elizabeth Smith, Brayden Stephens, Melissa Stone, Katilyn Teems, Tiffani Whatley, Megan White, Kerstin Williams, Shannon Williams, Tonya Williamson, Anna Wright, Morgan Wright.


Walker County: Katelyn Baker, Danielle Brown, Jessica Case, Ashley Casteel, Christina Champion, Stacy Childers, Melanie Collins, Stephanie Cox, Tayler Davidson, Kayla Ellison, Misty Fowler, Anthony Freeman, Victoria Garner, Justin Gray, Lanier Guest, Tiffany Hale, Ashley Hogue, Ashley Johnson, Melissa Keena, Deyanira Lambert, Ashlyn Landes, Jerrica Littlejohn, Regina Loveless, Brandy Moorehead, Benjamin Ownby, Steven Painter, Sebrina Peoples, Taylor Phillips, James Powell, Korenda Powell, Robert Ramsey, Hollie Richardson, Gary Rowlls, Heather Salvador, Ned Sanders, Elizabeth Shelby, Keshia Simpson, Joshua Smith, Lauren Stephens, Benjamin Townsend, Thomas Waymire, Taylor Williams, Russell Wright, Matthew Yell.


Whitfield County: Kristen Beavers, Olivia Beavers, Lauren Bell, April Bennett, Jesse Bramblett, Kathy Chadwick, Consuelo Colon, Bradford Edgerton, Jasmine Gann, Miguel Garcia, Juanita Hall, Katherine Hayes, Jose Hernandez, Letitia Hudson, Dala Hufstetler, Julie Kubin, Audrey Ledford, William Ramsey, Blanca Salaices, Ian Sharum, Kabir Sheikh, Patrick Stephens, Jessica Tancrede, Stephen Tancrede, Christina Watkins, Candice Wilson.


Other Counties: Melissa Abernathy, Jessica Antion, Kimberly Ashley, Amy Baker, Lisa Burke, Haley Carroll, Cayla Casaletta, Rebecca Caudill, Jorge Chinchilla, Evalinda Clark, Amy Clarke, Wesley Cook, Haley Davis, Justin Dean, Charles Doss, Stacey Doss, Traci Dupree, Misty Emard, Alexis Evans, Karen Ferranti, Alisha Fuller, Jennifer Gonzalez, Andrew Goodrick, Charles Graham, Jessica Gravley, Austin Greeson, Augusta Hallowell, Monica Harris, Justin Hazelwood, Julie Honea, Tony Ingram, Kimberly James-Wagnon, Leah Jordan, Madison King, Eileen Kung’u, Sawyer Landers, Jia Mei Li, Brandy Little, Donna Lowe, Jonathan Lucas, Siderika Maze, Kevin McDonald, Christian Metroka, Holly Milligan, Russell Mitchell, Tiffany Moroy, Hillary Myrick, Preston Nalli, Heather Phillips, Luke Pinkard, Heather Plemons, Nikolas Richards, Kaitlyn Roberts, Montana Sabyan, Timothy Samples, Nathan Sangphim, Julie Sargent, Samantha Seagraves, Brandon Shuping, Adriana Silva, Tammara Simmons, Kayleigh Smith, Julie Stites, Kerrie Szabo, Charles Tanturri, Ashley Tefft, Stephanie Thompson, Caylee Tolbert, Suzanne Turner, Traci Turner, Ericka Wagner, Kayla Wallace, Haley Ware, Travis West, Vanessa West, Virginia White, Kasie Yates.


Dean’s List Students for:


Catoosa County: Savannah Bone, Michael Braud, Lauren Dunham, Tempe Fugate, Stephanie Gagliardi, Micajah Gary, Jacob Hargrove, Marilon Loftin, Quinn Martin, William Newbille, Matthew Osbourn, Daniel Parrish, Samuel Penney, Richard Peterson, Nicholas Poindexter, Corey Strayhorn, Brittany Weldon, Pedro Zamorano.


Chattooga County: Charles Barksdale, Daniel Brown, Jenna Chance, Zachary Duke, Robert Hays, Toni Helms, Candyss Highfield, Lisa Kirk, Dana Liles, Scarlett Prince, Randall Reece, Jeffrey Schrader, Aiseh Smith, Gregory Smith, Cassandra White, Amy Whitt.


Dade County: Thomas Mayweather, Todd Taylor.


Floyd County: Caitlin Allen, Douglas Austin, Jeffery Bohannon, Stephanie Bourne, Candice Casteel, Matt Conaway, Gerardo Cruz, Diana Do, Jeremy Duvall, Jennifer Ellison, Seria Evans, Bryan Frenya, Simone Gable, Toni Gaulding, Hannah Goss, Thomas Grissom, Geronimo Guzman, Alexis Hale, Christopher Harwell, Nakesha Hayes, Emmie Hesters, Christopher Honeycutt, Sondra Huether, Amanda Ingram, Haven Kandasammy, Shelby Keef, Tunika Lemons, Florencio Limon, Joe Lowdermilk, Steven Marsh, Logan McBurnett, Terrance McCluskey, Vicky McCullough, Jessica Money, Billy Morgan, Samantha Morrow, Ashley Patty, Erica Penson, Belinda Pettis, Haley Pilgrim, Katie Ramey, Tanner Regennitter, Jackson Roper, Mia Rowland, Ronald Satterwhite, Halli Selman, Siera Sewell, Mark Sharp, Bryan Shirley, Jennifer Smith, Kasey Southerlin, Jacob Spezio, Heather Stephens, Kelsey Tortoso, Christina Walker, Chris Williams, Bonnie Wilson, Chris Wood.


Gordon County: Jenna Ables, Eric Andrews, Gaston Bailey, Blake Bennett, Katherine Black, Nathan Britt, Hazel Bullock, Jimmy Burchett, Michelle Caceres, William Carr, Caleb Chambers, Nathan Channell, Charvaris Donaldson, Mary Farrell, Ciera Fricks, Jake Gentry, April Gray, Tiffiney Gregoire, Gregory Hefner, Jose Leal, Rebecca Ledford, Ryan Marshall, Wesley Martin, Cody McCormack, Charles McNeil, Meleigha Pasley, Erin Romine, Samantha Young.


Murray County: Elsa Avelar, Peyton Ballew, Taylor Brown, Meredith Cleghorn, Nathan Figueroa, Angelica Gonzalez, Joseph Hundley, Christian Lloyd, Chelsea Millwood, Brandon Payne, Robert Ridley, Evelyn Stevens, Rachel Stuart, Tristan Taylor.


Polk County: Chris Altschuler, Ryan Bauer, Rebecca Baxter, Juanita Black, Christopher Cabe, Aubrey Cannon, Chelsea Carter, Veronica Cordero, Edgar Cornejo, Raquel Cruz, Leeah Formby, James Garrett, Kaysie Holder, Deborah Jones, Morgan Moore, Harley Podskoc, Chiara Robinson, Kristi Ruff, Bria Smith, Peyton Smith, Rodney Smith, Savannah Sullivan, Hannah White.


Walker County: Heather Bennett, Katlyn Bishop, Brett Byrd, Rebecca Casteel, Allie Cordle, Heather Cross, Charles Crowe, Andrea Duncan, Selena Dupree, Emily Eberhardt, Adam Everette, Katheryn Follett, Sharon Foster, Ashley French, Corey Graham, Savannah Lee Gray, Whitney Green, Abigail Hannah, McLane Hicks, Mark Hunley, Samantha Johnson, Lydia Jones, Sarah Laymon, Emma Ledford, Catherine McConnell, Joshua Myers, Madison Ohlman, Taylor Parker, Taylor Pearson, Candice Pryor, Brandon Rhodes, Rhonda Sanders, Amanda Shaw, Patrick Simmons, Marcus Toups, Mathew Young.


Whitfield County: BriLeigh Baggett, Jose Barrera, Yesenia Castaneda, Michelle Dills, Kanecia Edwards, Abigail Gibson, Adrian Gonzalez, Charla Horton, Tara Linville, Albert Martinez, Emily Monroig, Harrison Priest, Adela Ramirez, Bradley Ramirez, Victoria Rico, Karan Trippy.


Other Counties: Megan Aiken, Brittney Bailey, Shanon Baldi, Ashley Blankenship, Andrew Brooks, Victoria Brown, Amy Caley, Jessica Cannon, Shannon Carter, Rebekah Casteel, Tqualla Clark, Rebecca Cook, Tiffany Cowart, Jason Davidson, Jalesa Delgado, Megan Dempsey, Holly Emory, Kaleb Garrett, Shaleena Hamilton, Patrick Hayes, Star Hicks, Meagan Hilbert, Carrie Hines, Emily Holbrook, Rebecca Holbrook, Madeline Jones, Emily Kaylor, Dara Lamb, Jessica Lee, Jessica Mcgill, William Millholland, Courtney Morris, Sean Morrison, Olivia Nalley, Haley Nelson, An Nguyen, Mary Owens, Brooke Parker, Lakeisha Pelzer, Melinda Pratt, Jacob Putman, Allison Roebuck, Daniel Sequens, Lauren Sherwood, Erin Staples, Norma Walker, Candice Wall, Tifton Washington.

Seven basketball players receive GCAA honors


On the eve of the GCAA Division III basketball tournament, seven Georgia Northwestern players have been recognized with All-Region honors.

Sophomore Ashley Farrell is one of four Lady Bobcats honored by the region. Farrell made the GCAA Division III first team after averaging 10.3 points, 3.8 rebounds and just under one assist and one steal per game.

Freshman Katy Phillips was picked for the second team after averaging 9.8 points, 3.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.2 steals in the regular season. Phillips was also named to the five-player All-Defensive Team.

Two other freshman, Haley Blevins (8.2 points, 4.4 rebounds, 1.3 assists, 0.8 steals) and Sprite Dyer (4.7 points, 4.8 rebounds, 0.3 assists, 0.8 steals) were named as honorable mention selections.

West Georgia Tech’s Jacky Jones was named as the Player of the Year, while West Georgia Tech’s Kenny Edwards was named the Coach of the Year.

Three Bobcats were honored on the men’s side.

Freshman Darrius Fugh took first team honors after scoring 19.7 points and averaging 7.7 rebounds, 2.1 steals and 1.8 assists per game. He also shot 53 percent from the field – 49 percent from behind the 3-point arc – and 83 percent from the free throw line.

Sophomore Tyler Shropshire was picked for the second team after averaging 12 points a game to go with 3.4 rebounds, 3.0 assists and 1.3 steals a game.

Sophomore Dominic Powell (7.8 points, 2.7 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 1.1 steals) was named as an honorable mention pick.

Southern Crescent Tech’s Dantavius Bega was named the Player of the Year, while Roderick Stubbs of Oxford College was named the Coach of the Year.

GNTC Announces President’s and Dean’s Lists for Fall 2015 Semester



Georgia Northwestern Technical College is proud to announce the students on the President’s and Dean’s Lists for the 2015 fall semester. To be eligible for the President’s List, the student must maintain a quarterly GPA of 3.8 or higher with a course load of at least 12 credit hours. To be eligible for the Dean’s List the student must maintain a quarterly GPA of 3.5 to 3.79 with a course load of at least 12 credit hours.


President’s List Students for:


Catoosa County: Marte Andrews, Alexandrea Beasley, Nicolette Driscoll, Jordan Estes, Kellie Garland, Jody Hicks, Angerleak Kile, Shannon Langston, Summer Ledbetter, Lorie Maynard, Hannah Mckinney, Taylor Neal, Samuel Penney, Morgan Pilkington, Smyrde Sermeil, Alan Thompson, Jamie Van Nice, Adrian Verdin-Venable.


Chattooga County: Sarah Allen, Nathan Bailey, Charles Barksdale, Crystal Brazelton, Jenna Chance, Tameka Covington, Lucas Gilleland, Jazzmine Grinis, Matthew Hayes, Marilyn Holiday, Bryant Park, Scarlett Prince, Stephen Ratzmann, Randall Reece, Nathaniel Rench, Tracie Rowlls, Dylan Thoreson, Taylor Tinney, Natalie Tutton, Amber Ward, Cassandra White, Tyler Whitfield.


Dade County: John Castleberry, Allison Haswell, Thomas Mayweather, Judy Smith, Payton Vaughn.


Floyd County: James Adcock, Douglas Austin, Jonathan Bagwell, Julia Barnes, Summer Beard, Stephanie Bourne, Dalton Brackett, Doralee Burnes, Charles Burns, Anthony Cain, Cassandra Chance, Terri Chapman, Demarcus Daniel, Stephen Dean, Amanda Dewitt, Jenni Duke, Lakesha Dunnom, Jeremy Duvall, Elizabeth Earwood, Curtis Edwards, Misttie Elcombe, Jennifer Ellison, Jacob Faile, Tara Flennery, Joseph Fountain, Keysa Garrett, Daniel George, Melissa Godfrey, Jacob Goss, Theresa Graham, Michael Green, Jose Guzman, Alexis Hale, Eric Hayes, Kaila Haynes, Latonia Henry, Matthew Hicks, Amber Hill, Christopher Honeycutt, Miranda Hopkins, Noah Jackson, Cheyenne Johnson, Timothy Johnston, Keith Jones, Rhonda Jones, Haven Kandasammy, Michael King, Kenneth Landrum, Matthew Littlejohn, Kara Long, Andrew Lyles, Amelia Marks, Benjamin Marsh, Steven Marsh, Priscilla Martin, Susana Mercado, Sierra Minter, Holly Morgan, Stephanie Morris, Ashley Patty, Catalina Pension, Belinda Pettis, Katie Ramey, Anthony Schock, Jaluna Shelley, Bryan Shirley, Karey Sims, Taylor Smith, Kasey Southerlin, Zachary Stone, Belinda Thomas, Monica Trotter, Clint Turner, Jessica Wakefield, Christina Walker, Mallory Wallace, Abbey Williams, Brandon Williams, Chris Wood.


Gordon County: Vicente AnguianoPalmerin, Barry Arrington, Gaston Bailey, Misty Banks, Nolverto Barrios, Morgan Boyd, Drewcilla Brandon, Nathan Britt, Carol Castillo, Marco Castillo, Summer Childers, Traci Cochran, Caroline Cortes, Oksana Daniel, Jackie Davis, Trina Dean, Tonia Derryberry, Melissa Devore, Bo Dooley, Mary Farrell, Elizabeth Fitz, Zachary Guess, Karen Herrera, Daniel Hill, David Holt, Hayden Housley, John Humphrys, Charles Jackson, Sarah Krummert, Jose Leal, Joshua Lovain, Joshua Maddox, Jonathan Mathews, Cody McCormack, Charles McNeil, Katherine Melgar, Cheri Mitchell, Ryan Moser, Cortney Pass, Haven Pritchard, Tonya Smith, Melinda Spires, Autumn Stokes, Jeremiah Thomas, Sarah Thomas, Lacie Turner, Nicholas Wimpy, Taylor Wooten.


Murray County: Elsa Avelar, Taylor Brown, Tyler Bullock, Alesha Cassell, Tony Coggins, Alejandro Fraire, Julio Gonzalez, Troy Grace, Kayla Ingle, Brandon Payne, Tiffany Rampley, Brian Smith, Kevin Summey, Joey Thomason, Jarrod Trimble.


Polk County: Jose Aviles Gomez, Charles Baldwin, Ryan Bauer, Logan Cameron, Samantha Cantrell, Nancy Cervantes, Faith Cheeks, Edgar Cornejo, Randy Cruz, Corey Deaton, James Garrett, Joshua Highfield, Kaysie Holder, Isabella Lane, Leland Ledford, Kaleb Lewallen, Martin Ortiz, Jessica Payton, Dusty Powell, Philip Reed, Marisa Sanchez, Savannah Shaw, Emma Short, Brittney Sisson, Savannah Sullivan, Jonathan Thompson, Alexander Tracy.


Walker County: Justin Asher, Brian Barclay, Heather Bennett, Micah Blackwell, Stephanie Bonito, Chelsey Bradley, Danielle Brown, Tiffanie Brown, Christina Buoni, Brandon Carr, Jessica Case, Christina Champion, Stacy Childers, Cynthia Cooper, Marla Cooper, Sheldon Covington, Charles Crowe, Alysa Daniel, Chelsea Dennison, Larissa Douthit, Emily Eberhardt, Misty Emard, Misty Fowler, Anthony Freeman, Gary Gee, Corey Graham, Savannah Lee Gray, Whitney Green, Lanier Guest, Rachael Hancock, Abigail Hannah, Diamondlu Holland, Samantha Johnson, Timothy Jones, Madison Killen, Victoria Kingsley, Jennifer LeQuire, Shannon Little, Regina Loveless, Kelli McDonald, Cynthia Medley, Taylor Pearson, Sebrina Peoples, Kerin Phillips, Taylor Phillips, James Powell, Korenda Powell, Kaitlin Prestridge, Misty Pryor-Bradshaw, Aleishia Ragsdale, Robert Ramsey, Heather Salvador, Joshua Sells, Stephen Skinner, Lauren Stephens, Adam Vandiver, Jeffery Vaughn, Allison Whitley.


Whitfield County: Amy Aguilar, Orlando Altamirano, Jose Barrera, Olivia Beavers, Lauren Bell, Blake Burris, Kathy Chadwick, Randall DeFore, Joselyn Diaz, Morgan Faith, Hernan Garcia, Miguel Garcia, Juanita Hall, Katherine Hayes, Jose Hernandez, Dala Hufstetler, Lacody Kitchens, Audrey Ledford, James Lewis, Carlos Luna, Albert Martinez, Alan Mendoza, Tyler Minchew, Emily Monroig, Amber O’Bryant, Leticia Olvera, Kaila Phillips, David Rayborn, Victoria Rico, Adrian Rodriguez, Christian Saenz, Kabir Sheikh, Talya Smith, Patrick Stephens, Zackery Tapp, Antonio Torres, Miguel Torres, Barry Waldrop, Christina Watkins, Emily White.


Other Counties: Jonathan Amos, Kimberly Ashley, Brittney Bailey, Corrine Barrett, Courtney Blair, Lisa Burke, Cayla Casaletta, Jennifer Castille, Amy Clarke, Rebecca Cook, Tiffany Cowart, Haley Davis, Megan Dempsey, Traci Dupree, Alisha Fuller, Terrijana Gamble, Andrew Goodrick, Austin Greeson, Joel Groover, Augusta Hallowell, Justin Hazelwood, Joe Henderson, Summer Hudson, Madeline Jones, Tammy Kuhn, Jia Mei Li, Brandy Little, Donna Lowe, Kevin McDonald, Pauline Meshida, Christian Metroka, Nathan Miles, Holly Milligan, Ryan Mincey, An Nguyen, Lori Nisenoff, Angela Owen, Anthony Owens, Mary Owens, Bradley Pearson, Heather Phillips, Melinda Pratt, Olivia Quezada, John Reynolds, Luke Riddle, Kaitlyn Roberts, Tyler Robertson, Timothy Samples, Tracy Shinall, Brandon Shuping, Adriana Silva, Tammara Simmons, Julie Stites, Ashley Tefft, Virginia White, Kasie Yates.


Dean’s List Students for:


Catoosa County: Amber Allen, Grant Allen, Michael Braud, Andrew Cascella, Nicholas Conrad, Kaylyn Craig, Rebekah Crawford, Elizabeth Davis, MacKenzie Dilbeck, Carl Drew, Lauren Dunham, Ramsi Garner, Sara Gibson, Susan Goldsmith, Jacob Hargrove, Stephen Horsley, Sonya Kirkpatrick, Deloris McBee, Melinda Mount, William Nalley, Cameron Sherlin, Chelsea Skidmore, Corey Strayhorn, Molly Thompson.


Chattooga County: April Coley, Crystal Duke, Zachary Duke, Jeffery Edge, Joshua Hatcher, Robert Hays, Aiseh Smith, Gregory Smith, Patricia Trammell, Charla Tucker, Kendrick Williams, Dillon Worley, Yang Yang.


Dade County: Chase Cole, Daniel Hambleton, Tara Simons, Heather Velez.


Floyd County: Benjamin Amis, Ana Arias Ramirez, Jake Ayer, Nasareno Baltazar, Stephanie Barnes, Lindsey Boatfield, Gabrielle Boyd, Baylee Branton, Hallie Broom, Trang Carnes, Katie Carver, Yesenia Cisneros, Candice Cox, Chella Crowe, Randy Crowe, Pamela Daniel, Ferren Dawson, Jamie DeMore, Jomandi Fisher, Debra Glenn, Joshua Godwin, Kristi Gonzales, Hannah Goss, Linda Hallman, Laura Harrington, Nakesha Hayes, Cameron Hesselbrock, William Hightower, Rachael Hunton, Amanda Ingram, Nesbit Isham, Dayton Jones, Kimberly Keziah, Laurie Kitchens, Tiffani Leatherwood, Carly Loftus, Ryley Mobbs, KaBriesha Montgomery, Billy Morgan, Jerry Norton, Amber ONeal, Matthew Osborne, Yuri Padilla, Brandon Patten, Blake Patterson, Andrea Pearson, Oscar Pena, Laquisha Pillow, Jacob Prater, Mark Sharp, Jacob Smith, Jacob Spezio, Samuel Spradley, Natasha Stanley, Rosha Taylor, Kelsey Tortoso, Laurie Turner, Summer Westmoreland, Stephen Wheelus, Catherine White, Chris Williams, Kristen Wright.


Gordon County: Jennifer Angel, Jessica Booth, Nathan Channell, April Clark, Miranda Cooper, Maria Cordero, Nannie Donaldson, Aubri Gazaway, Jake Gentry, Tiffany Grizzle, Gregory Hefner, Melissa Hernandez, William Kelley, Katrina Martin, Marjorie Miller Edmisten, Cindy Nacorda, Meleigha Pasley, Marshall Petty, Cristian Ramirez Miranda, Natasha Reece, Gildardo Villatoro.


Murray County: Tara Atkins, Jaron Black, Aaron Crump, Angelica Gonzalez, Hannah Jones, Zachary Joslyn, Guadalupe Miranda, Josiah Palmer, Amy Rankin, Virginia Rector, Rachel Stuart.


Polk County: Bryan Adams, Angela Allen, Jennifer Barnes, William Benefield, William Bentley, Rebecca Burgess, Christopher Davis, Shannon Easterwood, Kayley England, Kyra Fay, Whitney Frasier, Rebecca Gray, Deborah Jones, Alexandra Knight, Cody Knight, Jorge Palacios-Torres, Kristen Prejean, Shannon Williams, Shannon Williams, Tonya Williamson.


Walker County: Katlyn Bishop, Sasha Brown, William Clark, Crystal Coley, Melanie Collins, Zackary Cornett, Heather Cross, Steven Denson, Sandy Duncan, Selena Dupree, Stefan Edmondson, Adam Everette, Ashley French, Sandra Gordon, Justin Gray, McLane Hicks, Andrew Johnson, Deyanira Lambert, Sarah Laymon, Jerrica Littlejohn, Tristan McGrath, Joshua Myers, Steven Painter, Brandon Rhodes, Rebekah Russell, Amanda Shaw, Rachael Smith, Marcus Toups, Thomas Waymire, Lacey Wilson, Russell Wright.


Whitfield County: Donna Allen, Zulia Alvarado, Kristen Beavers, April Bennett, Paul Braden, Shannon Breeden, Sarah Brown, Andrea Garcia, Stephanie Garcia, Robert Hefner, Charla Horton, Anthony Ibarguen, Julie Kubin, Dakota Lovain, Jonathan Marquez, Cristian Ortiz, Harrison Priest, Bethany Prus, Yuritsi Ramirez, Diego Rodriguez, Asfandyar Sheikh, Krista Sheram, William West.


Other Counties: Megan Aiken, Alyssia Byrd, Amy Caley, Corey Carlile, Haley Carroll, Rebecca Caudill, Evalinda Clark, Justin Dean, Jalesa Delgado, Holly Emory, Lillie Fortenberry, Taylor Free, Jennifer Gonzalez, Patrick Hayes, Rebecca Holbrook, Tony Ingram, Cymber Janssen, Fatmata Kanu, Carren Laing, Jonathan Lucas, Sharon Maxwell, Siderika Maze, Devan Mills, Tiffany Moroy, Preston Nalli, Allison Roebuck, Forrest Skinner, Charles Tanturri, Traci Turner, Kayla Wallace.

GNTC Announces President’s and Dean’s List for Spring Semester 2015

2015 Spring Honors

(Northwest Georgia) – Georgia Northwestern Technical College is proud to announce the students on the President’s and Dean’s Lists for the 2015 spring semester. To be eligible for the President’s List, the student must maintain a quarterly GPA of 3.8 or higher with a course load of at least 12 credit hours. To be eligible for the Dean’s List the student must maintain a quarterly GPA of 3.5 to 3.79 with a course load of at least 12 credit hours.

President’s List Students for:

Catoosa County: Troy Anderson, Jessica Clark, Rebekah Crawford, Bailey Dale, Stacy Elrod, Charles Humphrey, Penny Keeran, Jessica Malone, Charles Marshall, Hannah Mckinney, Heather Morgan, Megan Parrish, Heather Salvador, Jada Selby, Chelsea Skidmore, Corey Strayhorn, Jacob Taylor, Nicole Vlasis, Erin Grace Walden, Sarah Wiley.

Chattooga County: Dusty Andrews, Maegen Bolt, Crystal Brazelton, Skyler Ewing, Jacob Hughes, Tiffany Kellett, Amanda Key, Tesia McDaniel, Maverik Powell, Scarlett Prince, Stephen Ratzmann, Tracie Rowlls, Johnny Smith, Nathan Thompson, Taylor Tinney, Patricia Trammell, Dillon Worley, Qiuhong Zhang.

Dade County: John Castleberry, Nathan DeBenedetti, Elisabeth Fortner, Alicia Lee, Kelsey Shrum, Brianna Workman.

Floyd County: Heather Adams, Teellia Adams, James Adcock, Briana Bates, Cedric Battle, Summer Beard, William Birdsong, Andrea Blalock, Angela Brannon, Kimber Brock, Norman Brock, Megan Brown, Rachel Burdette, Anthony Cain, Ruth Camp, Deja Carter, Nohemi Cook, Euricka Cox, Randy Crowe, Melida Cruz, Ricardo Cruz, Amanda Dewitt, Quocdai Do, Jacob Faile, Chrisyetta Finley, Alva Free, Daniel George, Debra Glenn, Melissa Godfrey, Jonathan Goedert, Jason Gomes, Kristi Gonzales, Hannah Graham, Craig Griffin, Ryan Hitchcock, Renee Holtzclaw, Timothy Johnston, Travis Keith, Robin Klemm, Adam Lee, Matthew Littlejohn, Kara Long, Erica Loveless, Mildred Lowry, Mark Mathis, Sierra Minter, Mohamad Rozeb Momin, KaBriesha Montgomery, Jennifer Morda, Diana Morgan, Holly Morgan, Stacey Murphy, Hannah Nance, Melissa Nieto, Sierra Owens, Josh Paige, April Parris, Visva Patel, Oscar Pena, Carla Perren, Valerie Peulausk, Haley Pilgrim, Roy Pitts, Stephanie Powell, Jesse Roberts, Christina Ross, Kristina Sabyan, Ava Schock, Jammie Sheffield, David Sims, Micah Spiller, Corey Stanley, Heather Stephens, Jennifer Stewart, Courtney Swanson, David Thacker, John Thompson, Mallory Wallace, Manja Wallace, John Warren, Devonte Watkins, Justin Weaver, Tara Willetts, Chase Williams.

Gordon County: Lacey Ables, Peggy Bailey, Traci Cochran, Miranda Cooper, Caroline Cortes, Diana Cruz, Emily Edgeman, Amanda Edmonds, Kimberly Eldridge, Karina Escobar, Lacinda Evans, Mary Farrell, Joshua Garland, Tracy Gentry, Chanin Grant, Zachary Guess, Kent Hand, Lacie Hayes, Shelly Hedden, Jake Holley, April Hoover, Cindy Hudgins, Carlo Jean Francois, Dusty Johnson, Siobhan Lampe, Joseph Martin, Hannah Mathis, Cody McCormack, Christopher Nesbitt, Wendy Perez, Jessica Phillips, Hallie Pierce, Haven Pritchard, Cristian Ramirez Miranda, Viridiana Ruiz, Alexa Squires, Dustin Stansell, Sarah Thomas, Anthony Way, Aaron White, Timothy Williams, Emilie York.

Murray County: Randall Bonds, Seth Bonds, Courtney Davis, Alexis Evans, Troy Grace, Zachary Joslyn, Marisa Knight, Raul Perez, Ricky Phillips, Annie Spurlock, Amber Stanley.

Polk County: Joshua Andrews, Charles Baldwin, Kaitlin Barrett, Cindy Campbell, Jennifer Clay, Christopher Collins, Marcus Compton, Crystal Cope, Amy Davis, Steven Dozier, Fabiola Escutia Cornejo, Joseph Griggs, Alyssa Headen, Stephen Hensley, Tracy Mobley, Shantia Morris, Martin Ortiz, Jessica Payton, Kayla Pittman, Dusty Powell, Patricia Pruitt, Ashley Purser, Travis Shanks, Jonathan Smith, Valerie Swanson, Mary Elizabeth Talley, Alexander Tracy, Sherry Wells, Hannah White, Kennedy Wigley, Sabrina Williams, Jason Winkles, Tamika Young.

Walker County: Erin Abel, Brian Barclay, Dora Barfield, Heather Bennett, Micah Blackwell, Christopher Broome, Danielle Brown, Christina Buoni, Blakely Burgess, Jody Burrage, Brandon Carr, Ashley Casteel, Timothy Chastain, Stacy Childers, Melanie Collins, Misty Collins, Cynthia Cooper, Marla Cooper, Chelsea Dennison, Selena Dupree, Christopher Ellison, Misty Emard, Anthony Freeman, Sandra Gordon, Rachael Hancock, Daniel Heiman, Samuel Helwig, Candyss Highfield, Ashley Hogue, Mark Hunley, Charles Ingle, Kadi Justus, Victoria Kingsley, Jazmond Lewis, Shannon Little, Autumn Lively, Vickie Martin, Kaitlyn McConnell, Kathy McLaughlin, Jenifer Morris, Steven Painter, Elizabeth Parks, Korenda Powell, Kaitlin Prestridge, Amy Rose, Ned Sanders, Joshua Sells, Elizabeth Shelby, Stephen Skinner, Rachael Smith, Lauren Stephens, Daniel Travis, Jeffery Vaughn, Adrian Verdin-Venable, Darlicia Wheeler, Allison Whitley, Scarlett Wilson, Joy Woolums.

Whitfield County: Lauren Andersen, Olivia Beavers, Shannon Breeden, Teresa Carson, Jennifer Cowart, Elana Duncanson, Melisa Fajardo, Julia Garcia, Stephanie Garcia, Zoe Grow, Melissa Hodge, Christopher Jackson, Lacody Kitchens, Sarah Lute, Ashley Manzione, Tammy Montgomery, Andrew Morales, Wendy Neighbors, Archie Pangle, Adrian Rodriguez, Christian Saenz, Jordan Tant, Sarah Waldrup, Trae Washington, Yuriah Willis, Matthew Winter.

Other Counties: Amy Abernathy, Anne-Marie Athens, Justin Back, Carol Berent, Carla Bray, Margaret Brown, Kemberlee Bryant, Lauren Burchett, Amy Caley, Taurus Carson, Haven Carter, Jennifer Chambers, Heather Chappell, Amy Colon Velez, William Cook, Stevie Dover, Jimmy Edwards, Holly Emory, Michael Fagan, Caleb Forsyth, Ilona Fox, Jacqueline Gafford, Lauren Gonzalez, Charles Graham, Larry Greeson, Christine Grover, Bailey Guyton, Shanita Harris, Joe Henderson, Carrie Hines, Roy Hopkins, Susan Jones, Tammy Kuhn, Kayla Lacy, Jessica Lee, Leslie Lesesne, Sharon Lewis, Jessica Litten, Amanda Martin, Nancy McClure, Kevin McDonald, Titus McGuire, Courtney Morris, Olivia Nalley, Carlie Ogburn, Justin Poucher, Rachel Prewett, Olivia Quezada, Ramon Ramos, Cynthia Reed, Shannan Reneau, Tyler Robertson, Caroline Rogers, Wanda Sager, Daniel Sequens, Anna Shaw, Tiffany Shore, Katrina Smith, William Smith, Deirdre Spadafora, James Stanger, Jackie Tankersley, Caylee Tolbert, Ansley Tucker, Cristal Vaughn, Albert Walker.

Dean’s List Students for:

Catoosa County: Grant Allen, Marte Andrews, Kimberly Black, Brittany Crowder, Jordan Estes, Fallon Goodman, Jessica Griffith, Jessica Hargrove, Edwina Hires, Holly Mount, Angel Parker, Morgan Pass, Samuel Penney, Katrina Putman.

Chattooga County: Christina Campbell, Crystal Duke, Daulton Hegwood, Brianna Hill, Justin Leming, Tonya Overstreet, Joshua Shirley, Angela Trammell.

Dade County: Brittany Dean.

Floyd County: James Boyd, Toni Adams, Jake Ayer, Morgen Bannister, April Blackwell, Brittanie Bonds, Dalton Brackett, Cara Brooks, Candice Casteel, Gabrielle Conn, Glenn Crocker, Rosa Cruz, Demarcus Daniel, Kathryne Davenport, Cristy Dillard, Trenton Drummond, Regina Durham, Maci Dutton, Candace Gordy, Amanda Hanks, Lindsay Hardin, Veleka Hester, Tara Hooper, Airius Hudgins, Brandy Jackson, Joshua Jarrell, Tiffani Leatherwood, Jamie Lee, Andrew Lyles, Oscar Martin, Zakelvis Mayes, Patricia Morris, Abigail Norton, Sajni Patel, Ashley Patty, Michelle Pinson, Jessica Ploof, April Poole, Tanner Regennitter, Priscilla Reid, Jamie Rogers, Ferren Roman, Ethan Shaw, Bryan Sunrich, Sarah Thomas, Haley Thompson, Jennifer White, Laquanta White, Steven White, Ansleigh Whitlock, Brandon Williams, Destiny Wood, Jermaine Wright, Porter Yarbrough.

Gordon County: Stephanie Asadi, Joshua Bagwell, Jose Chavarria, Summer Childers, Bionca Curtis, Bryan Dawkins, Elizabeth Fitz, Julia Frazier, Zachary Hebard, Alejandro Hernandez, Mercedes McBride, Tanner McCormick, Cheri Mitchell, Xochitl Moreno, Aundrea Parker, Amy Peace, Hunter Quarles, Natasha Reece, Charity Rich, Erin Romine, Kenneth Shuman, Frederick Spruell, Ashley Tidwell, Breanna Todd, Tiffier Wright.

Murray County: Peyton Ballew, Millie Bishop, Krystal Burrell, Jonathan Hammond, Austin Hill, Edgar Mendez, Chelsea Millwood, Sionna Sotelo, Griffin West.

Polk County: Bryan Adams, Danny Allen, Destiney Allmon, Logan Barker, Randy Cruz, Dustin Davis, Thylia Davis, Shannon Easterwood, Kameron Forrister, Rachel Hiza, Miranda Jones, Tandra Mcclure, David Miller II, Thomas Montgomery, Alejandro Nevarez, Tiffany Rice, Ashleigh Shaw, Jordan Smith, Alexa Wall, Darnell Wattley, Erica Wiggins.

Walker County: Kathleen Bailey, Tammy Barnes, Christopher Blevins, Rebecca Casteel, Megan Chandler, Heather Collette, Janice Cottom, Sandy Duncan, Olivia Edgeman, Emily Elder, Shenay Foster, Whitney Green, Lanier Guest, Abigail Hannah, Amber Harrison, Jacob Helton, Serra Hendricks, Ashley Johnson, Karen Keyes, Nicole Lacey, Sarah Laymon, Amber Loveless, Regina Loveless, Tiffany McNabb, Joshua Moore, Monica Mosqueda Arreola, Billie Otting, Bernard Ransom, Brittney Richardson, Anthony Robertson, Jeremiah Rogers, Valerie Stansberry, Aleisha Taylor, Marcus Toups, Trevor Veal, Mary Walden, Clayton Womack, Russell Wright.

Whitfield County: Lewis Andrews, Tammy Cantrell, Alesha Cassell, Molly Edmond, Kanecia Edwards, Melina Herrera Barajas, Letitia Hudson, Donald Lay, Maria Lopez Enhorabuena, Jonathan Marquez, Brian Mayton, Susan McCalley, Manuel Montelongo, Tonya Parker, Molly Phelps, Nevil Rozario, Asfandyar Sheikh, Talya Smith, Lauren Wiley, Courtney Wilkins.

Other Counties: Jerry Arnold, Brittany Ayers, April Barker, Kim Brown, Kerry Cagle, April Cantrell, Corey Carter, Rebekah Casteel, Joshua Cole, Logan Couch, Laquanta Crayton, Kelley Deloach, Hanna Doran, Earlene Evans-Steward, Justin Ferguson, Misael Guevara, Shaleena Hamilton, Cassondra Hardin, Andrea Heater, Dallas Higgins, Christopher Johnson, Michelle Lackey, Amanda Maxwell, Siderika Maze, Chelsie Nicholson, Macie Padgett, Kaley Palmer, Tina Paradise, Jessica Parker, Suzanne Phillips, Emily Robinson, Margaret Shiflett, Kayleigh Smith, Julie Stites, Nicholas Wilhelm.

GNTC Announces President’s and Dean’s List for Fall Semester


Georgia Northwestern Technical College is proud to announce the students on the President’s and Dean’s Lists for the 2014 fall semester. To be eligible for the President’s List, the student must maintain a quarterly GPA of 3.8 or higher with a course load of at least 12 credit hours. To be eligible for the Dean’s List the student must maintain a quarterly GPA of 3.5 to 3.79 with a course load of at least 12 credit hours.

President’s List Students for:

Catoosa County: Michael Aragon, Chasity Baugh, Candice Bean, Jessica Clark, Cassidy Cotter, Bailey Dale, Krystal Ducker, Stacy Elrod, Peter Fitzsimmons, Emily Giles, Emily Hixson, Penny Keeran, Jessica Malone, Charles Marshall, Kelly McGill, Jennifer McGraw, Stephanie Montoya, Robin Morton, Jada Selby, Terry Smith, Nicole Vlasis, Sarah Wiley, Charles Williams.

Chattooga County: Raven Ammons, Jeffrey Blackmon, Skyler Ewing, Daulton Hegwood, Justin Leming, William Murray, Scarlett Prince, Joshua Shirley, Johnny Smith, Mitchell Sneed, Dylan Thoreson, Patricia Trammell, Kristopher Vaughn, Brandon Wilson, Matthew Wynn.

Dade County: Nathan DeBenedetti, Elisabeth Fortner, Macayla Ginn.

Floyd County: Heather Adams, Toni Adams, James Adcock, Jennifer Armellino, Emanuel Arroyo, Summer Beard, William Birdsong, Andrea Blalock, Justin Bohannon, Brittanie Bonds, Sarah Bowden, Dalton Brackett, Angela Brannon, Kimber Brock, Norman Brock, Alicia Brown, Lauren Brumbelow, Lindsay Burkhalter, Charles Burns, Anthony Cain, Ruth Camp, Crystal Clough, Euricka Cox, BillieJoe Crabtree, Summer Craighead, Glenn Crocker, Tyler Crosby, Randy Crowe, Lacey DeBoard, Jamie DeMore, Stephen Dean, Stevie Dover, Jacob Faile, Heather Fenner, Chrisyetta Finley, Daniel George, Jonathan Goedert, Jason Gomes, Kristi Gonzales, Craig Griffin, Heidi Griffin, Amanda Hanks, Milissa Head, Melida Hernandez, Renee Holtzclaw, Tara Hooper, Timothy Johnston, Travis Keith, Melissa Kelley, Robin Klemm, Jamie Knight, Jacob Lambert, Timothy Lecroy, Adam Lee, Steven Lee, Erica Loveless, David Miller, Sierra Minter, Mohamad Rozeb Momin, Jeffery Morton, Stacey Murphy, Hannah Nance, April Parris, Sajni Patel, Linda Peace, Louizanne Pierre, Haley Pilgrim, April Poole, Stephanie Powell, Timothy Reeves, Priscilla Reid, Jesse Roberts, Christina Ross, Destiny Runyan, Lyndsey Sapp, Ethan Shaw, Jammie Sheffield, Misty Shinall, Debbie Shirley, Jessica Staney, Heather Stephens, Leah Stephens, Kimberly Tant, Keisha Thompson, Joshua Tinsley, Miguel Tistoj Cruz, Justin Trapp, Jerry Vaughn, Manja Wallace, Brandon Williams, Chase Williams, Porter Yarbrough, Cassandra Zeiger.

Gordon County: Lacey Ables, Matthew Allen, Stephanie Asadi, Crystal Bunch, Carol Castillo, Summer Childers, Bryan Dawkins, Kimberly Eldridge, Karina Escobar, Lacinda Evans, Mary Farrell, Elizabeth Fitz, Joshua Garland, Shelly Hedden, Daniel Hill, Leah Holbert, April Hoover, Dusty Johnson, Ryan Marshall, Cody McCormack, Malik Nichols, Luis Otalora-Murcia, Wendy Patterson, Jessica Phillips, Haven Pritchard, Erin Romine, Fabrice Sainton, Sherri Sessions, Jessica Slocum, Miranda Sosebee, Melinda Spires, Dustin Stansell, John Thigpen, Jason Underwood, Kent Warth, Timothy Williams.

Murray County: Scott Badger, Randall Bonds, Seth Bonds, Courtney Chambers, Angelica Cline, Tony Coggins, Gene Corbin, Jesus Cruz, Lindsey Davidson, Aaron Devore, Joy Fleming, Aaron Grant, Zachary Joslyn, Antonio Maldonado, Nathaniel Massingill, Belinda Millsap, Chelsea Millwood, Raul Perez, Ricky Phillips, Ashton Rymer, Amber Stanley, Terry Walden, John Watson.

Polk County: Emilee Atkins, Kaitlin Barrett, Ashley Beck, Jennifer Clay, Crystal Cope, Rebecca Copelan, Megan Crawford, John Cruz, Dustin Davis, Fabiola Escutia Cornejo, Kameron Forrister, Kayla Gazaway, Joseph Griggs, Deborah Jones, Miranda Jones, Shelby McNeil, Amber Medlin, Audrey Moates, Shantia Morris, Alejandro Nevarez, Andrew Prince, Patricia Pruitt, April Pyles, Tiffany Rice, Christina Rogers, Jonathan Smith, Jordan Smith, Kayla Smith, Valerie Swanson, Mary Elizabeth Talley, Megan Tan, Tyler Tate, Jennifer Taylor, Alexander Tracy, Alissa Wall, Sherry Wells, Brooke Wigley, Abigail Wilkes, Tamika Young.

Walker County: Sarah Abbott, Brian Barclay, Sarah Blackwell, Christopher Blevins, Molly Buckner, Karen Bullard, Randy Bullard, Blakely Burgess, John Burnette, Timothy Chastain, Cynthia Cooper, James Dampson, Alysa Daniel, Joseph De Masi, Larissa Douthit, Selena Dupree, Corbin Ellard, Christopher Ellison, Virginia Everett, Kayla Fowler, Anthony Freeman, Lynn Garner, Tara Glenn, Fallon Goodman, Sandra Gordon, Brittany Hartshorn, Serra Hendricks, Ashley Hogue, Mark Hunley, Mandy Lyons, Vickie Martin, Kaitlyn McConnell, Kathy McLaughlin, Adam Medley, Joshua Moore, Jenifer Morris, Steven Painter, Bernard Ransom, Brittney Richardson, Charles Ritchey, Katlyn Rogers, Amy Rose, David Ruiz, Victoria Southerland, Kara Thompson, Elena Thornton, Rhys Turner, Darlicia Wheeler, Bradley Wilson, David Wilson.

Whitfield County: Lauren Andersen, Olivia Beavers, Amber Bishop, Brandy Brewer, Sarah Brown, Teresa Carson, Jesus Cervantes, Jennifer Cowart, Selena Davenport, Lindsey Guinn, Jordon Hall, Samuel Hammontree, Robert Hefner, Tyler Holmes, Noah Hullender, Billy Hutchinson, Willard Lewis, Sarah Lute, Ashley Manzione, Brian Mayton, Manuel Montelongo, Johnny Moore, Thomas Newman, Jesus Noe, Zackery Pangle, Stanley Parker, Ramon Pena Hernandez, Shanna Sanders, Waseem Sheikh, Roberto Silva, Talya Smith, Cody Stansell, Patrick Stephens, Jordan Tant, Jessica Terrones, Franky Ward.

Other Counties: Amy Abernathy, Crystal Abernathy, Morgan Abernathy, Victoria Adams, Anne-Marie Athens, Carla Bray, Kim Brown, Kemberlee Bryant, Lauren Burchett, Amy Caley, Olivia Camp, Corey Carter, Shannon Carter, Jennifer Chambers, Heather Chappell, Hailey Christensen, Amy Colon Velez, William Cook, Katelyn Dennison, Amethyst Dunn, Jimmy Edwards, Jessica Eller, Justin Ferguson, Caleb Forsyth, Zackery Green, Bailey Guyton, Noatia Harris, Andrea Heater, Joe Henderson, Roy Hopkins, Susan Jones, Kayla Lacy, Dustin Lee, Jessica Lee, Leslie Lesesne, Jia Mei Li, Jessica Litten, Brittney Lockridge, Mary Lucas, Amanda Martin, Hannah McAlpine, Derek Myers, Justine Nichols, Chelsie Nicholson, Carlie Ogburn, Macie Padgett, Suzanne Phillips, Ramon Ramos, Timothy Ray, Cynthia Reed, Tyler Robertson, Wanda Sager, Kristina Schaeffer, Anna Shaw, Jeremy Skaggs, Kayleigh Smith, Caylee Tolbert, Jada Truett, Ansley Tucker, Wendy Westmoreland, Jodi Wildoner, Wanda Wyatt-Smith, Zaki Yahya, Candis Yother.

Dean’s List Students for:

Catoosa County: Randall Adams, Kimberly Black, Sandra Clark, Brittany Crowder, Katie Daniels, Lamanda Davis, Jordan Estes, Jessica Griffith, Holly Holsomback, Kaitlyn Johnson, Austin Kiser, Darren Letzgus, Steven Lockhart, Lorie Maynard, Britany McTaggart, Taylor Pullum, Cameron Sherlin, Jacob Taylor, Molly Thompson, Christine Trotter, Noah Van Fleet.

Chattooga County: Renzel Adams, Erika Blackwell, Summer Burrage, Christina Campbell, Jenna Chance, Ryan Crabtree, Roy Ellenburg, Amy Hayes, Brianna Hill, Autumn Hunt, Amanda Key, April Laney, Maria Lopez, Tiffany Lyons, Kellie McCary, Heather Mitchell, Crystal Monn, Melisha Porter, Stephen Ratzmann, Michael Scoggins, Natalie Tutton, Gabriel Vaughn, Jared Wigley, Melody Wooten.

Dade County: Jessica Bolton, Chase Cole, Brittany Dean, Hailey Gass, Alicia Lee.

Floyd County: James Boyd, Susan Ables, Julie Arrant, Samuel Atkison, Douglas Austin, Briana Bates, Veshawn Bell, Exser Belteton, Andrea Bowen, Gabrielle Boyd, Tamia Brown, Rachel Burdette, Rafe Butler, Deja Carter, Yesenia Cisneros, Lauren Clowdus, Zachary Collins, Luis Cornejo, Haley Couey, Kathryne Davenport, Patrick Dupree, Heidi Fosha, Austin Freeman, Debra Glenn, Alexis Gonzalez, Whitney Headrick, Simon Hopkins, Mohammed Hussein, Brandy Jackson, Jessica Jones, Haven Kandasammy, Beritha Kelley, Aren King, Cecily Kinney, Brianne Langley, Tiffani Leatherwood, Andrew Lyles, Ian Martin, Darion Miller, Ida Morales Velasquez, Diana Morgan, Stephanie Morris, Sarah Newberry, Josh Paige, Carla Perren, Funmilayo Peters, John Peterson, Madison Phillips, Roy Pitts, Jessica Ploof, Tanner Regennitter, Dallas Rhinehart, Jaluna Shelley, Adrianne Smith, Laura Stratton, Courtney Swanson, David Thacker, Sarah Thomas, Haley Thompson, John Thompson, Christina Tison, Allen Turner, Gina Vaughn, John Warren, Jeremy Wear, Justin Weaver, Chris Williams, Maria Williams, Emily Wilson.

Gordon County: Matthew Aliberti, Heather Allen, Joshua Bagwell, Robbie Baldridge, Crystal Barnhart, Sydney Blackston, Joshua Blaylock, Angie Brito, Ashley Clark, Bionca Curtis, Julia Frazier, Carson Gibbs, Randall Goodman, Kent Hand, Tanner McCormick, Jorge Merida, Cheri Mitchell, Bethany Morrison, Aundrea Parker, Enrique Pena-Arriaga, Jennifer Rodriguez, Kimberly Smith, Madison Smith, Alexa Squires, Amilee Sutherland, William Swaim, Breanna Todd, Melissa Trainer, Lacie Turner, Kita Vance, Thomas Wright, Emilie York.

Murray County: Jesse Badger, Taylor Brown, Alexis Evans, Katherine Gibson, Griffin West.

Polk County: Logan Barker, Jessica Burns, Isaac Celedon, Taylor Chastain, Jason Cline, Marcus Compton, Kenneth Dodd, Sabrina Griffin, Stephen Hensley, Dalton Hitchcock, Rachel Hiza, Tandra Mcclure, McKenzie Meeks, Angelica Mojica, Taylor Patterson, Travis Shanks, Erica Wiggins, Whitney Wright.

Walker County: Erin Abel, Maureen Abilla, Dora Barfield, Abbey Bohannon, Christopher Broome, Ashley Casteel, Megan Chandler, Heather Collette, Janice Cottom, Nicholas Cronnon, Austin Davidson, Amy Denson, Sandy Duncan, Tristian Eaton, April Fryar, Jeanne Glenn, Haley Goodson, Christopher Harvey, Samuel Helwig, McCaela Hogue, Wesley   Masters, Tiffany McNabb, Megan Puryear, Cougar Roberts, Anthony Robertson, Jeremiah Rogers, Rachael Thompson, Benjamin Townsend, Clayton Turner, Adrian Verdin-Venable, Sharon Watson, Joy Woolums.

Whitfield County: Amy Aguilar, Juan Arredondo, Shannon Breeden, Alesha Cassell, Jason Day, Regina Dover Hocking, Melina Herrera Barajas, Melissa Hodge, Letitia Hudson, Christopher Joaquin, Kasey Keys, Donald Lay, James Lewis, Dania Lopez, William Mann, Jonathan Marquez, Ellen Massingill, Susan McCalley, William Ramsey, Adrian Rodriguez, Dereke Ross, Christian Saenz, Karen Sissom, Noe Torres, Corey Ware.

Other Counties: Margaret Brown, Elesha Butler, Haven Carter, Laquanta Crayton, Corey Dover, Hali Dover, Michael Fagan, Jessie Farr, Lillie Fortenberry, Benjamin Gaylor, Christine Grover, Shanita Harris, Emily Hopkins, Karen Kendrick, Michelle Lackey, Genna Lanzo, Amanda Maxwell, Nancy McClure, Deborah Moore, Ashley Pannell, Heather Phillips, Brandie Prince, Shannan Reneau, Emily Robinson, Caroline Rogers, Zachery Sherwood, Deirdre Spadafora, Montana Teems, David Vollmer, Adam West.

PBL Spring Competition Talks Underway, WCC Today

Our first Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) meeting of the semester is today at 12:15 p.m. in the Student Activity Center on the WCC.
We will be covering the Competitive Events for the Spring Competition that will be held April 10 – 12 in Atlanta, GA. Pblcrest

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