GNTC Severe Weather Notification
Policy and Procedures



In the event of severe weather GNTC may need to close or delay opening of the
college. In the event of a closing or delay, GNTC will communicate to students,
faculty, and staff using the following methods:

GNTC Alert
GNTC Alert is the quickest and easiest way for students, faculty, and staff to be notified about closings or delays. GNTC Alert will send emergency and closing notifications via text, email, or phone calls. All GNTC students are automatically enrolled to receive notifications through GNTC Alert based on the contact information provided on their enrollment application. Contact information can be updated at under My Resources – GNTC Alert.

GNTC Website and Social Media Sites Facebook:

Local Media Outlets
GNTC closings and delays are sent to local media outlets. Please be aware that the college has no control over when or if the media outlets will announce the closing or delay. For that reason, we highly suggest utilizing either GNTC Alert, GNTC’s website, or GNTC’s social media sites for the quickest and most accurate information.
GNTC Severe Weather Policy
GNTC administrators consider many factors in deciding whether the college will be open, closed, or delayed due to severe weather including assessment of road conditions in our nine county service area, campus conditions, and weather forecasts. GNTC makes decisions regarding weather-related closings independent of other agencies including area public schools and other colleges. If GNTC determines to close or have a delayed opening, all campus locations will close.

The college will try to make a decision on any closings or delays by 6:00 am. If GNTC closes, all classes, testing, events, and activities for the day and evening are canceled. If GNTC delays opening, students should report to their normally scheduled class that would be taking place at the time the campus opens. For example, if GNTC delays until a 10 am opening and student has a class scheduled from 9:30-10:50 am, the student would report to that class at 10 am. If GNTC needs to close early, everything from the closing time forward will be canceled. If there is no notification via the methods above, then campuses will operate on a normal schedule.

Please keep in mind that weather conditions can change very quickly and we understand that students travel from many different locations to attend classes. If the college is open but students decide that conditions in their area make it unsafe for them to travel, they should consult the attendance policy for their specific class or speak with their instructor on how a potential absence will be handled.
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